Why mosquitoes bite some people and not others – and the surprising non-toxic way to avoid bites

Are you tending to consistently be bitten by mosquitoes, regardless of the preventive measures you take? Here are some tips to avoid being mosquitos’ favorite target.

Mosquitoes: insects present especially in summer

If during the long summer evenings, you’re one of those people who fail to repel mosquitoes whatever the products used, you’re probably wondering why they insist to go after you, unlike other people? This is probably because these flying predators prefer certain types of skin. So to better counter them, try to understand them!

Pregnancy and mosquitoes’ bites

Many studies have shown that mosquitoes are attracted twice as much by pregnant women. During pregnancy, women produce 20% more carbon dioxide, because their physical temperature is slightly higher than normal. So if you are pregnant, you must protect yourself a bit more, especially in summer.

Individuals with blood type O are most exposed to mosquitoes’ bites

An experiment on a group of people with different blood types showed that 85% of mosquitoes were relentless on people with type O, against only 45% for those with type A. Conclusion: People who have blood type O are two times more likely to be victims of mosquitoes compared to persons with blood type A. They recognize the blood type through the chemicals secreted by the skin which indicate the blood type.

Now that you know, avoid short sleeves during the long summer evenings to avoid being a prey. On the other hand, if you have a blood type B, the risk of being bitten is lower but not eliminated.


Because of the physical exertion, fever or a naturally high body temperature, the body sweats and that way exhales a strongly acidic smell that attracts mosquitoes. So to protect yourself, you should maintain good personal hygiene that neutralizes these odors.

Bacteria attract mosquitoes

Mosquitoes love bacteria and are naturally drawn to areas of the body that contain the most. Therefore, several mosquito bites usually arrive at the ankles and feet, especially in summer when they are most exposed.

Beer drinking

One study showed that ethanol in beer has a power to attract mosquitoes. So if you drink beer, you can expect a massive attack.

Mosquitoes are attracted to carbon dioxide

The carbon dioxide emitted during respiration is used by mosquitoes to locate their target with more than 150 feet distance, thanks to their maxillary palp, a small appendage in their jaws. So if you breathe intensively, you will exhale carbon dioxide and mosquitoes will be happy to answer your involuntary invitation.

Color of the outfit you are wearing

Like humans, mosquitoes also have eyes that allow them to detect their possible “prey”! If you wear clothes with attractive colors (red, black or even blue), you’ll be quickly spotted and obviously stung!

More information about mosquitoes’ bites

  • The extent of a bite will result from the way your body reacts to the saliva that the mosquito will introduce into the skin and not the time it will spend foraging from the skin. Therefore, the more you will be the prey of the same species, the less your body will be reactive to the bites. But there are thousands of species of mosquitoes and this possibility is very low.
  • Some people are never or almost never bitten since their skin emits chemicals that naturally repel mosquitoes. To date, scientists are working on developing an anti-mosquito spray; the formula would be based on these substances to protect those at risk.

Some tips to protect yourself from mosquito bites

The lemon eucalyptus essential oil is a very effective way to repel these insects. However, it must be diluted in a vegetable oil of your choice. Also avoid using scented cosmetics that tend to attract mosquitoes.

For the unlucky ones, there is a trick to relieve the itching from mosquito bites. Take a teaspoon and dip it in hot water, let it cool for a few seconds and place it on the bite, the itching will stop instantly.

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