Organic Silicon: the Cure for All Pain?

Organic silicon is often presented as a panacea that would have the power to cure many ailments. What is it really? Here are some insights into the organic silicon, this mysterious product.

Where does silicon come from?

Silicon can be found in almost all the main minerals in the earth’s crust (rock, sand, quartz …). It is also present in the human body which contains about 7 grams on average, especially in the connective tissues (bone, cartilage …).

As we age, silicon reserves tend to decline due to several factors such as unhealthy diet (processed foods …), poor lifestyle, aging of the cells, etc. However, silicon is an essential mineral for the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid which are very important for the cartilage, skin, bone, nails and hair.

Silicon, a cure for what conditions?

Hair and nails
Silicon acts on the skin appendages (hair, nails) by strengthening their structure and preventing the occurrence of problems that may affect them. Thus, it can prevent hair loss and stimulate re-growth by strengthening and improving the microcirculation in the scalp. As for the nails, it helps to strengthen them and protects them from splitting and crumbling.

Cardiovascular illnesses
Silicon promotes better elasticity of the artery walls due to its role of synthesis of elastin and collagen. Thus, it prevents hardening of the arteries which causes atherosclerosis (a condition that increases the risk of heart attack) and it helps to regulate the blood pressure.

Silicon is an essential mineral for the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans present in the cartilage, which are responsible for its regeneration and promotes calcium absorption by the bones. Therefore, silicon deficiency can lead to wearing off the cartilage and cause osteoarthritis.

Skin problems
The silicon content in the skin will determine its quality. Indeed, silicon plays an important role in the synthesis of collagen and elastin, responsible for the regeneration of the skin cells and its flexibility. Its decrease with age favors the appearance of wrinkles, brown spots, sagging, etc. and the onset of certain diseases such as psoriasis.

Where to find silicon?

Several studies have shown that reduction of silicon with age can reach a rate of 80% in humans, particularly in women who reach menopause.

To replenish the silicon, one must first begin to review his/her eating habits, as it is commonly found in cereals, organic fruits and vegetables and spring water.

On average, the body needs 2 mg of the mineral per day. For this, an organic silicon supplementation is possible. It is a non-oxidized silicon (unlike the colloidal form), active and easily assimilated by the body. You can find it in many (organic) food supplements stores or ask your herbalist. However, this treatment lasts three weeks with a 10-day break to give time to the kidneys to rest. Moreover, it is advisable not to abuse this cure.

It is also found in the sap of some plants such as nettle, horsetail or bamboo, under its “colloidal” form. Unfortunately, this form of silicon is very poorly absorbed by the body and will fail to meet the body’s need of this mineral which is 2mg per day.

Available in lotion, gel or by injection, organic silicon should be applied by the nearest connective tissue to promote and accelerate its regeneration, while relieving joint pain.

To preserve its effectiveness, it should be stored at room temperature and should not come into contact with glass, metal, cold, heat or light.

In addition, there are some cultures that bury people who suffer from arthritis and rheumatic pains in the sand as an alternative medicine. The sand grains have on their surface a thin layer of active organic silicon which is assimilated by the body. But this is not a reason to eat it, of course!

It is true that several witnesses confirmed that silicon has anti-inflammatory qualities and helps feed the connective tissues and regenerate joints, bones, arteries, skin, etc. but since the Scientists remain reluctant for it, you should seek medical advice before taking any supplementation of this mineral.



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