She Lost Weight Considerably by Eating this Fruit, Check out the Results!

Dates are an incredible source of energy and fiber. By regularly eating three dates per day, your body will have many benefits, including weight loss. Discover the benefits of dates for your body.

Originating from North Africa, dates consist of 21% water, 64% sugar, 8% dietary fibers, protein, minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, iron, etc.) and vitamins ( B1, B2, B6, E, C and A). Discover the benefits of this fruit.

Boosts brain function

Dates are rich in B vitamins that play an important role in brain function. According to the JAMA Internal Medicine, these fruits are rich in vitamin B6 that promote good oxygenation of the brain and boost its operation.

Eases the pain

Dates are a very effective natural painkiller. In fact, they are rich in magnesium, which has anti-inflammatory properties and helps to relax the muscles. Thus, regular consumption of these fruits can better prevent cramps and spasms.

Improves digestion

The fiber content in dates prevents digestive disorders like constipation and promotes good digestion. A date contains 43% soluble fiber and up to 57% of insoluble fiber. Therefore, when you eat three dates per day (25g) you intake 2g of fiber, 8% of the recommended daily amount.

Tones muscles

Dates are rich in minerals, vitamins and sugars that provide energy to the body. Indeed, their carbohydrate content makes them very good fuel for the muscles and promotes endurance, especially for sportsmen. In addition, electrolytes (lack or excess of mineral salts such as sodium, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium) play a very important role in contraction and relaxation of muscle fibers. When out of balance, they can cause pain and muscle contractions, thus dates help to rebalance and to prevent such disorders.

Keeps a healthy heart

Dates are very effective in treating and preventing hypertension. They are rich in potassium which helps lower blood pressure by increasing the production of sodium which has a vasoactive effect capable of changing the caliber of the blood vessels. In addition, they are rich in magnesium which promotes dilation of blood vessels and help prevent heart disease. A study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reported that a daily intake of 100 mg of magnesium per day helps to reduce the risk of heart attack by 10%.

For women in labor

Many doctors advise women to eat dates regularly to facilitate childbirth. A study at the University of Jordan, says that a daily consumption of dates a month before childbirth helps relieve pain and reduces bleeding. The scientists studied two groups of pregnant women two months before the delivery, the first consumed dates daily while the second consumed less frequently. Scientists have found that women in the first group had a less painful childbirth that the second.

A food to eat to lose weight!

If you follow a diet to eliminate excess weight, you can add dates to your daily diet, incorporating them in your breakfast or juice or just eat them as a snack. Their sugar content provides energy and a feeling of satiety that spans throughout the day. However, for an effective and sustainable weight loss it is important to follow a diet rich in organic fruits and vegetables, regular physical activity, and not to exceed the recommended dose of dates that is 3 per day.



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