Press this Point for 45 Seconds a Day. The Result is Incredible!

The acupressure therapy is one of the most popular traditional Chinese medicine methods. The principle is quite simple: apply gentle pressure on specific points related to the meridians in order to provide a feeling of rest and relaxation, treat diseases and relieve extreme emotional states. These points are found in 400 areas of our body.

According to the traditional Chinese medicine, vital energy called Chi flows through the meridians or energy channels. There are 12 major meridians connected to specific organs, thereby forming a communication system throughout the body. When someone is suffering from an illness, this means that one of these meridians is blocked or unbalanced.

Acupressure is therefore to stimulate the points by exercising a massage or a moderate pressure that last from seconds to minutes, to unlock the flow of energy and tension, restore balance to the body and mind and boost the functioning of all the organs of our body. For best results, this acupressure technology must be combined with a slow, deep breathing through better oxygenation that promotes the feeling of relaxation and wellness.

Regardless of the reasons of effectiveness, several studies have shown that this alternative therapy is very beneficial and effective in relieving various aches and pains.

The point on which we will focus in this article is inner thoughts, spirituality, imagination, beliefs, intuition, knowledge and foresight. The acupressure on this point has the ability to reduce muscle tension, improve blood circulation and stimulate the production of endorphins – brain chemicals. It also stimulates all the senses whose organs are on the face – eyes, nose, sinuses and ears. Stimulated at the same time as other acupressure points, it helps to treat eye disorders, sinusitis, tinnitus, headache, dizziness, etc.

This acupressure point is named the Third Eye. Acupressure of the Third Eye is beneficial to calm your mind, improve your memory, reduce your stress and chronic fatigue, and relieve your headaches, your eye pressure and insomnia. It also has a beneficial effect on your emotional and spiritual state and restores the balance.

To stimulate the point corresponding to the Third Eye, close your eyes and locate it. It is the meeting point of the line to the edge of your nose and your eyebrows. Once located, use your middle finger to apply slight pressure for 45 to 60 seconds before releasing. The goal is to communicate with the point. Be sure to relax your arm and your hand does not pull the skin down. Repeat the same process several times a week, making sure to control your breathing, it has to be done slowly and deeply.

By regularly practicing acupressure, you stimulate the energy flow of your body, restoring its harmony and you’ll find a quiet and serene state of mind.



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