She Took a Tea Bag and Placed it on her Hand… You’ll be Amazed what she Achieved! -/ VIDEO /

Most of us who like to drink tea, usually discards the tea bag of tea, and this is normal because it is already used. It turns out, however, that these bags can have an amazing and little expected curative effect. Probably you have never guessed that something you’ve already used can save you not only the pain, but also money.

So – what can you use the tea bag for? If the tea that you usually drink is other than black, you can use the tea bag as a compress, which can put on a hit spot, or mosquito, wasp, bee or even a hornet bite.

The already used tea bags, in addition to soothe the pain of the bite will fight with dark circles under your eyes. Chilled tea bags will reduce swelling and clear the vision.

If your tooth hurts, if your gums bleed, if you have recently had a visit to the dentist and have removed tooth, place a chilled tea bag on to spot.

To stop, even temporarily, toothache you can make a mint tea and dissolve a little sea salt and gargle with this mixture. Peppermint is antiseptic and contains menthol, which relieves pain in contact with the skin surface.

From the following video, you will learn other, less known applications of already used tea bags.


Video Source: The Savings Experiment


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