The Secret Poison in your Mouth. 180 Million Americans have it – do you?

At first glance, treating tooth decay doesn’t seem to be dangerous. But you might change your mind when you know what comprises the filling …

What do tooth fillings contain?

Tooth fillings, contrary to what its name indicates, is absolutely not made of lead, but mercury!

Dental amalgam (which constitutes the filling) contains 50% mixture of silver, copper, zinc and tin and 50% of mercury.

Yes, the same mercury which is prohibited in the use of dental care in Japan for 30 years, in Russia since 1985 and in Sweden since 1999. In California, it is the responsibility of the dental offices that use it to inform the patients that they expose themselves to potential health hazards such as reproductive disorders and risk of birth defects.

In the US, the American Dental Association (which is the largest gathering of dentists in the world) was created in order to put pressure on the use of amalgam. Although we can see that since 1984 it recognizes and declares that mercury escapes but “too insignificant quantities to affect health.”

In Canada the Dental Association wants to recognize that only 3% of the population has sensitivity to mercury. Nevertheless, it continues to claim that in general, dental amalgam has no health hazard.

Why dental amalgam is harmful?

Multiple scientific studies have proven that mercury escapes continuously from the dental amalgam, it is directly inspired by the lungs and 80% of this steam is then automatically absorbed into the body, thus passing in the blood.

It was also demonstrated from experiments carried out on animals and autopsy from human bodies that the mercury vapor accumulates in the brain and kidneys. Namely, it causes the following effects:

  • Disruption of the nervous system
  • Damages brain functions (causing personality disorders, tremors, changes in vision, deafness, and loss of memory)
  • Damages DNA and chromosomes
  • Allergies such as rashes
  • Fatigue and headaches
  • Deteriorates sperm and causes miscarriage
  • Muscle, abdominal and joint pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Spasmophilia
  • Hyperactivity in children

Dentists are the first affected by the harmful effects of mercury

We also see high cases of mercury contamination among dentists and their staff. They are the first to be exposed; they inhale mercury vapors daily and are 4 times more likely to get glioblastoma (malignant brain tumor).

As mentioned above, one of the many side effects is the personality disorder, brain function is affected which leads to high rates of depression and consequently a suicide rate higher than 60% among dentists compared to other doctors.

Mr. Nylander, known worldwide for his research on the subject in 1989 autopsied with his team several dead dentists and their assistants, and found that mercury levels were higher by 35% compared with unexposed people. Yet the vast majority of dentists autopsied were not in contact with mercury for several years before they died.

An experiment on pregnant sheep by Dr. Vimy in 1990 of implanting fillings in the teeth of the pregnant sheep, found that the mother was heavily contaminated. The greatest contamination up to 9000 micrograms per kg was detected in the kidneys. The heart, muscles, gums, parotid glands and the stomach have also been affected. In the fetus, it was also noticed an infection of the liver, kidney and brain (pituitary) to content of 100 micrograms per kg. So the mother and calf were completely contaminated by mercury.

How to get rid of mercury?

There are three important steps in the decontamination of mercury:

  • Supplementation reduces the toxic effects caused by mercury, activates eliminative functions and repairs the cellular and metabolic functioning.
  • Chelation therapy to remove accumulated toxic.
  • Dental care and oral sanitation with chelation intravenous therapy (I.V.).

The amalgam removal can be dangerous and cause considerable emissions of mercury and can have a destructive effect on the body without being able to treat it. If you have amalgam fillings with mercury, it is strongly advised to make an appointment with your dentist to perform the necessary care. In the future, prefer white fillings or composite resins.



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