Benefits of Self-Massage. Combine Work with Pleasure!

Body massage should be done by a specialist with appropriate education and experience. But visiting a massage therapist is not always possible. In this case, to the rescue comes self-massage, which can be done anywhere and at any time!

Self-massage is done for the prevention or health, and at the same time it has both benefits and drawbacks. When you do self-massage, do not forget about the possible adverse consequences, so try to obtain prior “blessing” of a professional physician.

Types of self-massage

There are several options for self-massage. This may be a short relaxing massage, which consists of rubbing of body parts and massaging the problem areas.

How to make self-massage

To get the maximum effect, we propose to make an extended self-massage and include the following elements in it.

Massaging the neck is quite simple. To do this you need to put your hands on the last cervical vertebra and do some movements that allow removing the stress. Don’t forget that the spine in this case should be straight.

During the day, our hands may experience a heavy burden, so by making self-massage they’ll get a special attention. This is quite easy: make smooth movements enough to stroke the top and bottom surface of the arm, from the wrist toward the elbow, and then from the elbow to the shoulder joint.

The basis of human health is a healthy spine, so try to give it enough attention. Back massage is done both standing and seated.

To relieve stress, it is enough to put your hands on the lumbar region, and at the same time try to get your fingers directed toward the spine, and the thumb lying on the back.

By doing stroking movements in the direction of the hip, you will achieve a good result. For maximum effect, massage the parts of the spine, where you can reach them.

To take care of your back, you can start by massaging the feet, especially the soles. Then start rubbing the ankles and finish the massage with the thigh area.

During self-massage you should not forget about the other parts of the body such as the abdomen and buttocks, in order to achieve the desired effect is enough to stroke them a bit.

If you care about your health, try to do these simple actions at least once a day, it will take no more than half an hour. Believe me, it’s worth it!



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