How to Get Rid of Heel Pain! If you Want to Walk Normal Again, Try these Natural Recipes!

Because of being overweight, or a prolonged standing or excessive physical activity, sometimes we feel more or less acute pain in the heels that sometimes prevents us from walking properly. What causes this pain and how to fix it?

Some people experience more or less acute pain when they take their first steps in the morning or after they remain seated for a long time. This feeling is often named as “a nail in the heel”.

Called heel spur, this problem is the result of a projection of the heel bone that engages spontaneously to relieve plantar fascia overload it undergoes. Thus, horizontal bony spines begin to grow, which causes inflammation of the foot, especially the heel.

The causes of heel spurs

The appearance of this phenomenon may be related to several factors:

  • Overweight (sometimes caused by pregnancy)
  • Age
  • Some sports such as running, handball, basketball, etc.
  • Hollow or flat feet
  • Wearing inappropriate footwear (too flat or too high)
  • Prolonged standing

To deal with this very painful and inconvenient problem, it is generally advisable to moderate physical activity in order to reduce the trauma experienced by the heels, wear suitable footwear that support the entire foot and make plantar fascia stretching to reduce inflammation. Weight loss and rubber soles footwear are also recommended to reduce the load on the heel.

To relieve the pain caused by this phenomenon, here are some simple and effective tips.

Tips to relieve painful heels

  • Tap the heel

To relieve the pain, you can lightly tap your heel against the floor several times a day, to improve blood circulation and metabolism of calcium and prevent salt accumulation.

  • Ice

After a long walk or a workout, apply ice on your heels for 5 to 15 minutes. The cooling effect of the ice will reduce the inflammation and soothe the pain.

  • Honey and salt compress

To prepare this compress, carefully mix two equal parts of honey and salt then put the mixture in a gauze bandage that you need to place on the painful area. Wrap your foot in plastic wrap and then put on your socks. Do this for 10 days. You will notice an improvement in your condition after the third application and the pain will disappear completely at the end of the treatment.

  • Potato compresses

This trick is very beneficial in cases of extreme pain. Simply wash the potatoes and grind them without peeling. Put the dough in a gauze bandage, and place it on the painful area. Then wrap with plastic film and put on your socks. Repeat the application for 7 days. The starch contained in the potatoes acts as an anti-inflammatory agent and can effectively relieve pain.

  • Aspirin

Crush 10 aspirin tablets to a powder and add 1 cup of 70% medical alcohol. Let the mixture stand for 1 or 2 days, stirring it regularly. Then dip a cotton bud and apply it on the painful heel. Wrap with plastic film and put on your socks. Leave overnight. The next day, wash your feet and dry them thoroughly before applying moisturizer or oil. Moreover, this remedy also allows you to remove calluses and cracks, and relieve varicose veins.


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