They Never Suffer from Cancer and This is Their Secret!

A study published in the Cancer Causes and Control Journal, the Amish are the healthiest people in the United States, with virtually no cases of cancer! So what are their secrets to stay healthy and prevent this deadly disease?

The Amish rarely suffer from cancer, which is why researchers have looked to their cases and decided to investigate their life and eating habits. The Ohio University conducted a study on the Amish way of life to understand how this community can live healthily without resort to conventional medicine.

The results of this study were that the Amish have no secret, no special resources or magic formulas to stay healthy! Their methods are simple:

  1. Healthy eating

The Amish feed on natural healthy and organic foods, and grow their own food using manual and biological methods. They adopt a diet composed primarily of organic foods but also foods rich in sugar and healthy fats, potatoes, meat, eggs, bread and cakes. They never consume processed foods and all their food is prepared at home.

Despite a diet rich in meat and fat, the Amish do not suffer from obesity or overweight. Indeed, according to a study by the University of Tennessee, only 9% of Amish women are obese, while none of the men suffer from obesity.

  1. Lot of physical work

Throughout the day the Amish activate their muscles and bodies. They do many physical activities, and perform several tasks: field works, construction and agriculture, manual work, cleaning, and finally cooking. But the most practiced physical activity among the Amish is walking. Indeed, the people of this community make beyond the 18,000 steps a day and women make on average 14,000 steps daily, far higher than the number of steps recommended being healthy (10,000 steps). Remember that the Amish children are encouraged, from an early age in doing physical activities and walking barefoot.

  1. Traditional medicine

The Amish prefer traditional and ancient healing methods to naturally treat ailments and health problems. They adopt different traditional medicine techniques, such as:

  • Naturopathy: method that balances the body through diet, exercises, manual techniques, and herbal medicine.
  • Reflexology: unconventional treatment means based on massage and pressure on certain areas of the body.

In critical cases, the Amish may use conventional medicine, and may seek treatment in hospitals.

  1. They do not smoke and do not drink alcohol

The Amish do not consume alcohol and do not smoke. Remember, alcohol and tobacco increases the risk of cancers, including head and neck cancer, breast cancer, and cause many health problems.


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