Looks Nasty but Within Minutes your Teeth will be Dazzling White!

Who does not dream of having a star smile and perfectly white teeth? But the lacks of hygiene, eating certain foods or smoking impact the state of our teeth. To regain their brilliant color without the use of chemical bleaching that might weaken the teeth, try this natural treatment!

Causes of tooth yellowing

The yellow coloration of the teeth may be due to several factors:

  • Poor diet rich in fatty and sugary foods that promote the growth of bacteria.
  • Poor oral hygiene that allows bacteria to proliferate in the mouth, which causes plaque buildup on the surface of the teeth.
  • Demineralization of teeth with age or due to calcium deficiency, enamel tends to narrow, which reveals dentin (the layer under the enamel) that is naturally yellow.
  • Consumption of certain beverages: tea, coffee, soda, etc.
  • Taking certain medicines, including antibiotics tetracycline.

So to prevent teeth yellowing or reduce its spread, make sure to eat foods rich in calcium to strengthen them, adopt proper oral hygiene to limit the growth of bacteria, avoid foods that tend to stain the teeth (coffee, curry, soda, etc.).

To help you get a quick result and a radiant smile, we offer this natural treatment, simple and effective. You only need a single ingredient: activated carbon, available in capsules, available in pharmacies, online and in health food stores.

Tip to whiten the teeth with activated carbon


Take your toothbrush, wet it slightly and place it on a tissue to avoid soiling your sink. You can apply some toothpaste if you wish. Then take a charcoal capsule, open it and pour its contents gently on the toothbrush. Brush your teeth thoroughly for 3 to 5 minutes in a circular motion. Repeat this trick three to five days in a row or more if your teeth really need it. After that, you can apply this treatment only once a month to maintain the whiteness of your teeth. You’ll be pleased from the result!

However, even though the coal helps whiten the teeth, it is particularly messy when you use it. To avoid stains on your sink, consider spitting the water with which you rinse the mouth in a glass container that you will pour later directly into the toilet bowl.

If, despite the use of tissue, you still have coal dust on your sink, wipe it with a baby wipe. It will clean it effectively.

Virtues of activated charcoal:

Activated charcoal is a porous form of carbon, mostly from burning coco wood without oxygen.

In oral hygiene, it has the ability to eliminate bad breath, to clean the gums and has very effective whitening effect.

With multiple small pores, it can absorb the toxins, poisons and harmful chemicals. Thus it is of great help to the point that in some cases of poisoning or poisonous bites, doctors use charcoal to save the lives of their patients. Moreover, it is sometimes prescribed as a dietary supplement to overcome digestive problems such as bloating, flatulence or diarrhea.

In addition, its ability to absorb toxins enables it to reduce cholesterol in the blood, to preserve the health of the nervous and cardiovascular system, as well as to prevent the occurrence of multiple rashes.


The charcoal consumption is not recommended in case of intestinal obstruction or medical treatment because it might neutralize the effect of drugs. Compliance with the daily doses is also very important because a charcoal overdose can be very dangerous for the health.

Source: thehealthyhomeeconomist.com

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