Here’s Why you Should Wear Less Often your Bra!

It is true that the bra models are becoming more varied and beautiful. But carried too long, this piece of lingerie could have adverse health effects. This is also the reason why women feel a great relief by removing it, and experts recommend not putting them on so often or at all. What are the effects of the bra on your health?

Push-up, no underwire, racerback, strapless, we find more and more bra models that allow us to wear them without embarrassment. They also help us to develop our breasts, to support them during physical activity, etc. But in reality, the extended wear of this underwear has negative effects on the health of our breasts and our bodies in general.

Indeed, the bra puts great pressure on the small lymphatic vessels of the breasts, which promotes the accumulation of toxic liquid around the breasts. This pressure also disrupts the functioning of other blood vessels and impedes the normal flow of nutrients and oxygen.

Moreover, experts say that toxic liquid gathered in the breast can cause the appearance of cysts and increase the risk of breast cancer. Conversely, in countries where women do not wear bra, the number of breast cancer cases is very small.

Put on at a very young age, bra because some “laziness” of breast tissue, preventing their volume to increase naturally and causes their sagging.

In addition, the straps of the bra, even if they are wide, put all the weight of the breasts on the shoulders. Over time, this causes painful muscle contractures and deformity of the spine especially if the breasts are quite large.

This is why women are advised not to wear a bra, or at least to remove it as soon as they return home, especially at night. It is also recommended a light massage of the breasts, after removing the bra, to improve blood circulation and prevent the accumulation of toxic liquid. Using your fingers, gently massage your breasts in a circular motion without much pressure, starting with the area around the nipples and leading gradually towards the ends.

To confirm the health benefits of not wearing a bra, a study followed 330 women for 15 years. Results: nipples back 7 mm per year and firmer breasts with fewer stretch marks.

Other benefits of not wearing a bra:

  • Less pressure on the chest which enables a better breathing,
  • Reduction in sweating especially during the summer,
  • Slight increase in breast size,
  • Disappearance of benign cysts,
  • Less skin irritation,
  • Better posture,
  • Relief of shoulder and back pain.

So knowing all that the bra may do to your body, it becomes justified to revolt against a new social norm!



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