Early Warning Signs of Breast Cancer Nobody Talks About…

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women, both before and after menopause. It affects one in nine women and can sometimes be fatal. But thanks to advances in screening and prevention, the survival rate has improved. Here are some early signs not to be taken lightly.

Essential prevention

Every woman should take care of her body, particularly of the most sensitive parts like the breasts. You can make yourself a regular check of your breasts at home to early detect any abnormalities. If these abnormalities hide breast cancer, preventive measures will offer huge chances of successful treatment.

Breast cancer can occur in two forms – benign or malignant. This second form is the most dangerous and less identifiable by mammography. That’s why it may be necessary to combine this method of diagnosis to more accurate techniques such as ultrasound.

Heat therapy is an effective alternative that allows doctors to detect the mass and reveal an abnormal angiogenesis process. The latter is characterized by the formation of new blood vessels in order to supply blood to developing mammary tumors.

Discover the first symptoms of cancer that gives the advantage to act quickly and therefore promote successful treatment.

Warning signals that should not to be taken lightly

Early warning signals are the formation of lumps. In such case you should immediately conduct further investigation as a mammography X-ray as soon as you feel a suspicious lump in the mammary gland.

Dr. Naoto Ueno, Executive Director of the Breast Cancer Research Department MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, United States, reveals that many early signs of breast cancer often go unnoticed because they are as tiny lumps masked by the mammary glands. Sometimes there are no lumps but it is the area of skin that has an insignificant anomaly.

Although lumps are considered common signs of breast cancer, any type of breast pain and/or chest should be taken very seriously. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor if you have any doubts. The fact is that breast cancer sometimes appears in the form of disseminated tumors that proliferate in the tissues.

Researchers at the Department of Breast Medical Oncology MD Anderson Cancer Center explain that breast cancer can be in other forms, including irritation, inflammation, formation of dimples, nipple inversion, red coloration or thickening of the skin around the nipple.

Risk factors

According to several experts, genetics play a major role in cancer development. Thus, breast cancer risk is higher among girls whose mothers were attacked by breast cancer.

Other factors, such as environment, diet and lifestyle affect the endocrine function, including the production and balance of hormones. Hormonal imbalance is the main breast cancer risk factor.

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