Reduce your Belly Fat with this Powerful Drink Consumed Before Bedtime!

Abdominal fat is a phenomenon that affects more and more people. Caused by a sedentary lifestyle, bad eating habits and lack of exercise, often leads to complex health problems. To help you to efficiently burn fat and without much effort, discover this fat burning recipe that you should consume at night before going to bed!

The accumulation of fat in the abdomen not only has a negative effect on your appearance and your self-confidence, but also your health. Indeed, it is easily directed to the arteries and increases the risk of heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, etc. It also promotes the release of inflammatory molecules in the body.

To get rid of and prevent its accumulation, you must take better care of your body by eating a healthy, balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, drink enough water, practice regular physical exercise and most important exercises that target the abdominal region to strengthen it and prevent accumulation of fat.

It is also important to avoid stressful situations that attack the body and promote the production and storage of fat.

To help you boost your metabolism and speed up the fat burning process, we offer this powerful drink made from natural ingredients to use it in the evening before bedtime and you will eliminate fat in a very short time.

Recipe of a fat-burning beverage


  • 1 lime
  • 1 apple
  • ½ cucumber
  • 3-4 basil leaves
  • ½ bunch of parsley
  • 1 cup water


Wash all ingredients and mix them in a blender. Drink the drink for 3 consecutive days.

With this drink, you will not need to follow a strict diet for days to have the waist you desire. Just take your last meal at 6 pm, and eat an apple or berries if you are hungry later on.

Benefits of the ingredients

  • Lime

Very rich in vitamin C, minerals and citric acid, lime strengthens the defenses of the immune system and helps to fight against the harmful effect of free radicals. It also has powerful appetite suppressant and fat burning properties that inhibit snack cravings by promoting satiety, and accelerate the process of fat burning.

  • Apple

Thanks to its high content of water and fiber, apple has always been known for its slimming properties. Pectin it contains is a soluble fiber that slows down digestion and provides a lasting feeling of satiety. It also absorbs fats and sugars during digestion, which limits their storage and facilitates their removal.

  • Cucumber

Very low in calories, having cleansing and diuretic properties, this vegetable is rich in water and fiber that help improve digestion and reduce appetite thanks to its powerful appetite suppressant properties. It also helps speed up your metabolism, which promotes fat burning.

  • Basil

It contains a significant amount of antioxidants, vitamin K, calcium and phosphorus. It is well known for its antioxidant, antibacterial, digestive and antispasmodic properties. It, among other things, boosts digestion, treats digestive problems such as bloating and gas and relieves abdominal pain.

  • Parsley

This aromatic plant contains significant amounts of vitamins A and C, trace elements and iron. Parsley has diuretic and detoxifying properties that help the body eliminate excess water, waste and toxins that promote fat storage.



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