4 Wrong Ways to Protect Yourself from Bacteria

Most people believe that the toilet seat is the dirtiest area in the house, restaurants and cafes. Here are 4 wrong methods widely used to protect against bacteria.

Many studies have shown that the toilet seat is not the most infested area by bacteria. For example, the kitchen counter contains more bacteria than the toilet seat.

Many people resort to certain behaviors and methods to protect against bacteria and viruses, without knowing that it is not the right thing to do.

Here are 4 very bad methods used to protect against bacteria

  1. Holding breath when someone sneezes

This method is not effective unless you are able to hold your breath for a long time. Sneezing can reach about 15 feet in a second, resulting in a spread of bacteria difficult to master.

How to protect yourself?

Keep your distance and stay away from a person with bad cold who will potentially sneeze: 3 feet is the recommended minimum distance.

  1. Wiping the glass that has been already used

Wiping used glass can help remove secretions, but bacteria remain. So this is an inefficient method to protect against bacteria and prevent disease.

How to protect yourself?

Next time when you want to avoid the use of a glass already used without offending the person, simply say that you are cold or present a more convenient excuse.

  1. Wearing gloves before using the ATM

Wearing gloves before using the ATM does not help you stay away from bacteria. These remain stuck on your gloves and once you remove them, you will touch the bacteria that will settle on your skin.

How to protect yourself?

After using gloves, remove them without touching them with your bare hands to avoid contact with your skin, and place them in a dry place to prevent the spread of bacteria.

  1. Covering the toilet seat

Many people tend to cover the toilet seat with toilet paper before using it. However, Dr. Tierno says that sitting on the seat of toilet without protection does not increase the risk of infection, as bacteria can’t survive on a cold surface.

How to protect yourself?

It is recommended to avoid touching the eyes, nose and mouth after using the toilet and wash your hands thoroughly when finished.

Source: healthyfoodteam.com


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