Warning: Here’s How to Recognize Expired Food!

The expiry date mentioned on products serves to remind us that we must not consume beyond it. Despite this, we find in our closets, spice jars or tins that have been there for sometimes years. Of course, a sip of milk shot is not fatal, but eating certain products after the expiry date may have more serious consequences. Here’s how to recognize some expired food products.


It is a common misconception to believe that potatoes do not have a use-by date. Indeed, bad potatoes give off a toxic substance called solanine, which is very dangerous to humans. So if you notice that your potatoes are covered with green spots or mold, throw them away because they can damage your nervous system.


The majority of people think that stale bread is harmless. They remove the moldy part and eat their bread quietly. But what they do not realize is that bacteria are not found only on the moldy part, but throughout the piece. So their consumption will not irritate your stomach but can cause various diseases including cancer.


Eating expired eggs is a very bad decision. They irritate the stomach and can cause salmonellosis, an infection caused by bacteria called Salmonella. The infected person may then have different symptoms, such as diarrhea, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain, fever and headaches. Expired eggs are easily recognizable by their strong foul odor and the color of their white becomes iridescent pink or even green.

Canned food

Contrary to what one might think, canned foods are perishable. Never consume them if their expiry date has passed. By eating them, you may suffer from botulism, a rare neurological disorder but could be fatal if not treated quickly.


A soft or wilted cucumber does not seem to represent a great danger to health. However, a “wet” cucumber does! Indeed, the flowing liquid is actually a chemical resulting from decomposition and may damage your intestinal lining.

Dry spices

Dry spices should be replaced after a while. If your herbs are covered with dust, they can also be infected by insects.

Your nose is the best detector, when it comes to differentiate between good and bad foods. If the dried foods, granola or popcorn smell bad it means that they are bad. Its consumption will expose you to irritation of the stomach and abdominal pain.

Finally, ask yourself when did you clean your spice cabinet for the last time? This place is often the place that brings together most of expired food. So spend one or two hours of your free time to sort through and make sure you throw away everything out of date. To avoid food waste, be sure to buy your food in small quantities.

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