Hiccup Cures: 5 Simple Ways to Stop Hiccups

Although this disorder usually disappears by itself, you can speed up this process using conventional remedies. If your hiccups last for several days, we recommend you go to the doctor.
An attack of hiccups can be very embarrassing. It is impossible to say a whole sentence without letting out a funny “hic”.
However, there are many effective remedies to get rid of this phenomenon. In the remainder of this article, we’ll share some of them with you.

What are hiccups and why is it happening?

Hiccups occur when the diaphragm (the muscle that lies beneath our lungs) contracts involuntarily.
It then generates a flow of air which, as it passes through the vocal cords, produces the characteristic “hics”.

Hiccups have no apparent cause, but it is generally related to the following factors:
• Drinking sodas or soft drinks.
• Eating too fast.
• Swallowing very quickly.
• Laughing or crying crisis.
• Eating too spicy.
• Exposure to sudden changes in temperature.

In most cases, hiccups spontaneously disappear after a few minutes.
However, if you want to quickly get rid of this annoying phenomenon, or if it persists for an unusually long period, take note of the following tips and you should get excellent results.

Breathe into a paper bag
Take a paper bag and breathe slowly and deeply into it by pinning your mouth against the edges of the bag. In this way, you will increase the level of carbon dioxide in your blood, which will quickly stop the hiccups.
You can get the same effect:
• Drinking a large glass of cold water without taking a breath.
• Holding your breath as long as possible.

Eat a slice of lemon
Take a slice of lemon, and add a few drops of Angostura (bitter used in cocktails).
You can also add a little sugar to enhance the flavor.
By eating that slice of lemon, the body will be “distracted” by the signals sent by the taste buds, and this should stop the hiccups.

Stretch your diaphragm
To achieve this, you must inhale very slowly until you reach your limit threshold, that is to say, until you breathe with the belly.
Hold your breath for 30 seconds, then exhale slowly until your lungs are completely empty.
It is likely that you’ll need to repeat this exercise four to five times in a row for the hiccup to disappear.

Eat a spoonful of peanut butter
You can replace it with sugar, honey, cocoa butter, almond butter or Nutella.
Take a spoonful of one of these substances, put it in your mouth, and keep it there for few seconds. Then swallow it. Your saliva will soften the butter and it will be much easier to swallow.

Completely close your body
With your thumbs, press the small cartilaginous protuberances at the entrance to your ears, close to your ear canal.
Then close your eyes and inhale all the air you can. With your wrists, also pinch your nostrils. Hold your breath as much as you can and exhale.
Your body will have the reflex to breathe heavily, and will not think at all of the hiccups.

If your hiccups persist for several hours, even days, please consult your doctor.
In very rare cases, hiccups can cause abdominal distension, noxious fumes or other disorders.
However, keep in mind that the hiccup is very common in infants and in babies.

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