Accelerate the Growth of your Hair with Only 3 Ingredients

If you have thin, brittle hair and dream of a thick and strong one, here is a simple and very effective recipe that will help accelerate its growth. The results are amazing.

Hair that grows quickly and healthily is the dream of every woman. There is no magic formula that can achieve this, but with some grandmother’s natural treatments and recipes, it is possible to achieve very good results. However, before presenting the solution, it is important to know the factors related to hair growth.

Several factors come into play when it comes to hair growth. Among which:

  • Intake of nutrients

A healthy diet not only ensures proper functioning of the body, but also the health of the skin and hair. A poor diet can lead to multiple deficiencies, including vitamin and calcium deficiency; which naturally will be reflected on your hair. That is why it is important to have a healthy diet rich in nutrients that can help improve hair growth, such as: proteins (chicken, fish and eggs) iron (egg yolk and almonds) and zinc magnesium (bananas and cocoa).

  • Genetics

The genetic factor is also taken into consideration when it comes to hair growth. The speed and the cycle of growth and renewal depend on the genetic predisposition of each person.

  • Season change

Seasonal changes significantly impact the growth of the hair. In summer, the growth is driven by the sun, while in autumn and winter, it is the opposite. In fact, the sun in the summer season promotes the secretion of hormones responsible for hair growth and creates an effect similar to that of plant growth. Result: the hair grows faster in this period and experience seasonal fall in autumn.

  • Hair health

Your hair, like your skin, regularly suffers attacks due to various factors. Pollution, stress, hormonal changes, drying, chemical and other products are all elements that can slow down the hair growth process or even damage it. Hence the importances of taking care in making the right choices, namely:

  • Use a good brush to spare the hair of frequent breaks.
  • Avoid harsh products and dyes that damage the hair.
  • Practice hair care based on natural products to protect and strengthen it.

Here is a simple homemade recipe to increase hair growth in a natural way


  • 2 tablespoons of castor oil
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1 tablespoon honey

Preparation and Use:

Place all ingredients in a small bowl and mix until smooth.

Gently massage the roots with this mask, and then apply the remaining mixture on your hair. Wrap it with a shower cap and let it stand for 2 to 4 hours. Then wash your hair normally.

For effective results, it is necessary to repeat this procedure twice a week for a period of two months.

Benefits of the ingredients:


Honey is an ancient remedy, whose virtues are innumerable. Rich in vitamins, minerals and trace elements, honey has many health benefits, for hair included.

Due to its composition, honey thoroughly moisturizes the hair and gives it strength and flexibility. It also strengthens the scalp and promotes hair growth.

Egg yolk

The egg yolk is excellent for the treatment of damaged hair, but also for their growth. It is naturally rich in protein – nutrients that promote the production of keratin. The latter stimulates hair growth. The high content of vitamins in the egg yolk also provides moisturizing properties.

Castor oil

Castor oil is well known for its medicinal and cosmetic benefits. Considered as an anti-inflammatory agent, this oil is undoubtedly one of the most used products, but also very effective for hair growth.

Castor oil contains many nutrients and fatty acids – omega 6 – that are essential for healthy hair. It is also known to improve blood circulation to the hair follicle.



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