Simple Tips to Make your Neck Look Younger – This is Just Amazing!

From the whole body, skin is the part that suffers most from the consequences of aging. Sagging neck, wrinkles on the face, dark circles under the eyes, age spots, etc. These unsightly signs reveal the natural aging process. And when it comes to this process, we often tend to focus on the face, neglecting an equally apparent area: the neck. Here are some tips and tricks that use natural products to have a youthful and wrinkle-free neck!

The sagging skin on the neck is a natural phenomenon that marks the signs of aging. It is also common in men as in women, but is considered most bothersome in women. If age is the main cause, other factors may also make the skin less firm and cause wrinkles faster.

Among the factors that contribute to sagging skin are:

  • Gravity

Gravity not only allows us to keep feet on the ground, it also affects our skin. Indeed, the effects of gravity can pull the skin down, accentuating its release.

  • Weight loss

A rapid weight loss or a long period of obesity can also be the cause of sagging skin. In case of weight gain, the skin stretches. When experiencing sudden weight loss, skin relaxes, revealing a flabby neck.

  • Poor nutrition

A diet based on processed products facilitates the accumulation of toxins that can harm the health of the skin and accelerate aging. It is important to have a healthy diet rich in proteins and vitamins, necessary for the construction of fibers and cells.

Stress, smoking and lack of sleep are also factors that promote skin laxity.

To address the sagging skin of the neck, many women look very often to cosmetic treatments. Some may even resort to plastic surgery to correct this problem. However, by implementing some small changes in the lifestyle and taking care of the skin, it is possible to have a young looking neck again.

Natural remedies to reduce sagging of the neck

  1. Eat more vitamin C

Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen, a substance responsible for skin firmness.

Introduce foods rich in vitamin C in your diet or take supplements for younger skin!

  1. Avoid the sun

Excessive sun exposure can harm your skin. UV rays contribute to its release. They promote premature aging and cause wrinkles.

It is important to avoid too long exposure to the sun and apply a sunscreen to protect the skin.

  1. Consume fatty acids before you go to sleep

The benefits of omega-3 and 6 on the health are well proven. They prevent cancer, reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and maintain the skin. Indeed, the fatty acids have a softening property on the skin, can slow down the aging process and help stimulate the production of collagen.

Among foods rich in omega-3 and 6 fatty acids are fish like salmon, tuna and sardines, avocado, flax seeds, spinach, pumpkin seeds, etc.

  1. Exercise regularly

Specific exercises for the neck can help stimulate blood circulation, reduce and prevent the sagging skin on the neck. Here is a simple exercise to do:

Sit down, keep the back straight, and lift up your head, fixing the gaze to the ceiling. Then pretend to chew something. Repeat this exercise several times, at least twice a week.


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