Healthy Foods to Increase your Hemoglobin and Treat Anemia

When your body does not have enough iron to carry oxygen through the blood, you may suffer from anemia, a disease which symptoms are not always obvious to detect.

If you are affected by this problem, you must follow a diet rich in iron, so that your hemoglobin reaches a satisfactory level and you can get rid of the chronic fatigue you experience.

What is hemoglobin?

Hemoglobin is a protein that is responsible for transporting oxygen from the lungs into the all areas of the body that need it.

It consists of amino acids and heme, which is made of iron. Our bodies extract iron from the foods we eat, then create heme.

If we do not consume enough iron, we risk getting anemia. This condition occurs most often in pregnant women, or people going through a stressful time.

Individuals affected by colon cancer or ulcers, also have high probability to suffer this condition.

Followers of vegetarian or vegan diets can also be anemic if their diet is not balanced enough.
To check your hemoglobin, simply perform a blood test. Do it if you experience chronic fatigue and if you experience symptoms such as dizziness, cold sensations, irritability, lack of energy or difficulty falling to sleep.

Once you have your results, your doctor will tell you to follow the treatment.
It is more than likely that he’ll recommend eating foods rich in iron, such as fish, eggs, beef, beans, broccoli and spinach.

Keep in mind that certain combinations of foods can reduce iron absorption by your body. For example, dairy products reduce the ability of our body to properly absorb iron.

It is therefore advisable to ingest milk or cheese an hour before consuming ferrous foods.

Chocolate, sodas and coffee also neutralize the iron naturally present in other foods. It is not recommended to drink during lunch or dinner.

Conversely, citrus fruits and all foods containing vitamin C allow better absorption of this essential mineral.

How can you increase your hemoglobin?

Your diet is the main variable that you can do to increase the amount of hemoglobin and iron in your body.
So you must prepare and follow a proper diet plan, according to your needs. If anemia is treated in time, it can be quickly cured.

After a few days, good iron absorption can quickly eliminate your chronic fatigue. You will be more awake and you will have a greater amount of energy.

The most important sources of iron are:

  • Red and white meat: animal meat is rich in iron and facilitates the absorption of all the nutrients your body needs if you have anemia.
    This is the fastest way to treat this condition. Veal liver, lamb, ground beef, shrimp, clams, oysters and gizzards are among the most recommended sources of iron.
  • Vegetables: vegetarians and vegans do not have to worry about their iron absorption. They can ingest this mineral through green vegetables (chard and spinach) and cruciferous vegetables (broccoli),
    potatoes (with skin), red beets, tomatoes and squash also contain good quantities of iron.
  • Pulses (Legumes): beans, chickpeas, lentils and peas toddlers are among the most interesting legumes to increase your iron intake.
  • Fruits: bananas and grapes are on top of the list of fruits containing more iron, together with figs. These three fruits are delicious, they can be eaten in a lot of dishes and greatly increase the amount of iron and hemoglobin in the body.
  • Other foods and supplements: tofu, barley, flaxseed, milk and water also have pretty good iron content.

Interesting treatments to increase hemoglobin

  • Lettuce-based anemia treatment: this is a very effective natural remedy for treating this health problem because lettuce contains large amounts of iron. It is a tonic food that can be used to improve the absorption of iron by the body.
  • Treatment of anemia with spinach: as we told you before, this is a vegetable that contains lots of iron, an essential element to form hemoglobin and red blood cells. It therefore helps prevent anemia and successfully treat it.
  • Almond-based anemia treatment: These nuts contain copper which together with iron and vitamins, acts as a catalyst in the synthesis of hemoglobin.
    Soak seven almonds for two hours in water, then crush them, taking care to remove their skin. Eat the thus obtained paste once daily, on an empty stomach.
  • Treatment of anemia based on sesame seeds: These seeds are rich in iron. Put a spoonful of seeds in a cup of hot water and wait a few hours.
    Then mash it all, and filter. Mix the crushed seeds with a cup of milk sweetened with honey and drink it daily.
  • Carrot, orange and beetroot juice-based treatment of anemia: these three ingredients are ideal to increase your hemoglobin level, as well as to treat anemia.
    Simply cut two carrots and two red beets without skin into thin slices and put them into your blender with the juice of two oranges. Mix everything well, and drink the beverage obtained every day for 9 consecutive days, on an empty stomach. Wait a month and repeat the treatment if necessary.
  • Honey-based anemia treatment: among all the healthy properties of honey it is also its ability to facilitate the formation of hemoglobin. In addition to iron, honey contains manganese and copper. It is ideal for boosting the immune system.



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Stephanie Stiles

Spinach is really good for treating anemia. I already tried and tested it! It works like a miracle.