VIDEO: Parents Noticed Something Strange Coming Out of Their Baby Girl’s Neck. What Came Out? OMG!

The parents of a seven months old baby were faced with the biggest surprise of their lives in a hospital in Kansas in the United States! Worried of swelling on the face of their child, they took her to the hospital to find out the cause. This is where the doctors made an incredible discovery: they pull a feather from her face!


There are many things that are difficult to understand in this world, and the story of this baby belongs there! This story takes place in Kansas, United States, where the parents of a seven months old baby, Mya Whittington, noticed redness in the lower part of her cheek. Unable to know the cause, they decided to go to the hospital to have the advice of a doctor. She was diagnosed a swollen lymph node and prescribed antibiotics and little Mya was sent home the same day.

The drugs had no effect. The next day, the baby’s cheek became even more swollen than before and a sort of button appeared on its surface. Alerted, her parents returned to the hospital to find out the real cause of these rashes on the face of their child.

There, the doctor tried to break through what looked like a pimple on the Mya’s face, in order to empty it. But this was not possible. Two hours later, a specialist intervened and tried to clean the area. After five minutes, the Mya’s parents were faced with the most unexpected surprise: a 2 inch feather was coming out of the baby’s face! The pediatrician, as surprised as her parents, removed it.

According to the doctors, the most logical explanation is that Mya had inhaled or swallowed this feather, which was stuck in her throat, and her body was trying by all means to get rid of! As a result the feather finally went to the lower part of her cheek. They also explained that this process took months and was certainly not without pain, although the baby seemed perfectly normal until the rash appeared.

According Mya’s parents, she showed no signs of pain or discomfort. But the baby very often touched the left side of her face, during the last months, says her mother, Emma Whittington, suspected to be an ear infection or teething.

Mya’s case, probably the first of its kind, remains a mystery for the doctors, who said they had never seen anything like it. They have countered various cases of extraction, but none involved a feather!

Since the little Mya was stripped from the feather of her face, she is doing better. Her health was fortunately not affected and the swelling has completely disappeared. She can only thank her body that did wonders to get rid of this foreign object.

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