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For some ailments, modern medicine does not give satisfactory results. When bottles of pills do not resolve your problems, you have no choice but to turn to alternative medicine, especially acupressure. Among the points it stimulates is the Liver 3 (Point LV3) or Tai Chong, that is on the top of your foot. But what are the effects of massage that particular point?

What is the acupressure?

Acupressure is a branch of traditional Chinese medicine. It is to stimulate, massage or apply gentle pressure on different meridian points to unblock the energy channels in the body and improve the flow of energy and preserve the harmony of the body. Moreover, by stimulating the points corresponding to parts or specific organs, acupressure can relieve several ailments and treat many conditions.

Point LV3 or Tai Chong

One of the most important points of this therapy is the point LV3 or Tai Chong. This point is related to the liver and its stimulation unblocks the flow of energy or Chi (Qi) and treats hepatic disorders that promote the appearance of pain in various body parts. This blockage is usually due to repression of emotions, especially anger, a deficiency of blood going to the liver, undernutrition and presence of pathogens (eg viruses) which hinder liver function.

In addition to ensuring the proper functioning of the liver, the Tai Chong point alleviates several other ailments, including the following:

  • Reduces stress

According to modern reflexology, stimulation of the Point LV3 has a positive effect on the stress levels. It increases the level of concentration and clears your mind. It is also effective to reduce fatigue.

  • Eases the pain

Tai Chong massage is very beneficial for relieving pain, because it is linked to the lower back. It also helps to treat genital and eye problems, and relieve headaches.

  • Improves digestion

The Point LV3 helps treat indigestion, treats heartburn and relieves hangover. Furthermore, stimulation of this point would have a positive effect on your metabolism and help you lose weight.

  • Fights Parkinson’s disease

According to the Northwest Parkinson’s Foundation, the Point LV3 is long used to reduce and relieve the tremors caused by Parkinson’s disease. However, its stimulation is not done by acupressure but rather with acupuncture, that is to say, by using acupuncture needles instead of massaging or pressing the point.

Where is the Point LV3 or Tai Chong located?

Why you Should Press This Point on Your Foot for 2 Minutes

This point is located between the big toe and the second toe. Slide your finger along the space between the first and second toe to the tip of the joint. The point is located in the depression before your finger touches the bone (metatarsal joint). Apply pressure and massage in circular motion for 2-3 minutes. You can repeat the process as needed by pausing every 3 minutes.


Note that this type of alternative medicine should be preferably done by licensed professionals, or at least advice your doctor first, since acupressure can have unexpected effects on your health. People who suffer from rheumatism, arthritis, varicose veins and pregnant women should avoid using it because of the complications it can cause. Similarly, people who have heart disease should definitely consult their doctor before trying acupressure.

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