8 Simple Tips to Improve your Eyesight Without Glasses or Laser Surgery!

Many people suffer from eyesight problems. For some, the difficulty lies in the fact that they can’t clearly see close objects, while others are struggling to distinguish distant objects. To resolve this issue, opt for either glasses or more discrete contact lenses or laser surgery. But is there a way to gradually improve someone eyesight without resorting neither to one nor the other? Absolutely! Here’s how.

Here are 8 tips to help you boost your eyesight and improve your vision

1- Rest

Be sure to let your eyes a little rest several times a day. Just close your eyes for a few minutes and put yourself in a dimly lit room. If you spend your day at your computer, remember to adjust the brightness of the screen so as not to tire your eyes.

2- Remove your glasses

If you wear glasses, you will try to spend some time without them. According to a study conducted by the Ghana Medical Journal, 64% of university students think that glasses are dangerous for them. This is also the case of a study conducted in Brazil, the only difference is the opinion that wearing glasses is harmful to vision. However, it is recommended to remove them from time to time!

3- Massage your eyes

To do this, simply roll your eye sockets. Otherwise, you can use other methods that involve using the thumb and forefinger to apply slight pressure on the area above the inner corner of your eyes. Massage the eye temples or the area of your scalp that is exactly behind your eyes, this also helps improve blood circulation in the eyes.

4- Adopt the rule of 20-20-20

Using your computer, you must take regular breaks. You can adopt the rule of 20-20-20: after every 20 minutes of using your computer, choose an object that is 20 feet from you and look at it for 20 seconds.

5- Do wilderness trips

It is necessary to spend more time in nature. If you go for a mountain hike or walk in a park, there is less risk to expose your eyes to harmful light sources.

6- Apply warm compresses

Warm compresses are a method to treat eye problems and whose effectiveness has been proven in terms of hydration dry eyes. All you have to do is apply a hardened piece of cloth in warm water (not hot) on your eyes and press lightly.

7- Adjust your diet

It is crucial to incorporate into your diet the nutrients beneficial to the health of the eyes. This is why it is advisable to eat on daily basis large amounts of carrots and sweet potatoes, rich in vitamin A essential for good vision.

8- Strengthen your eyes

To improve your vision and strengthen the muscles of your eyes, you can make simple but effective exercises presented on the table below. Follow the lines arrows, respecting the direction in which they point. If this is the first time you practice this kind of exercises, take the time to look for a few seconds each symbol in order to understand its meaning.

8 Simple Tips to Improve your Eyesight Without Glasses or Laser Surgery 1

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