When your Body is Calling for Help: 6 Signs that you Should Not Ignore

The human body is a complex and amazing mechanism. When a function fails, the body sends some signs to warn you. It is true that detection of the symptoms of certain diseases is not an easy task, but this article will enlighten you. Here are some signs to be taken into consideration seriously in order to avoid health problems.

6 signs your body sends to indicate a health problem or deficiency

  1. Brittle nails and hair
    If your nails and hair are brittle, it may refer to a certain mineral and vitamin deficiency. In fact, hair and nails need regular consumption of foods rich in zinc, vitamin D and amino acids. Recall that the nails mainly consist of keratin (protein), this means that a low protein diet will lead to brittle nails.

How to cure it?
Promote consumption of legumes, whole grains, potatoes and wholemeal bread.

  1. Sugar cravings
    Stress can lead to sugar cravings. Sugar consumption provides a feeling of comfort and serenity, because glucose stimulates the secretion of the pleasure hormone – serotonin.

How to cure it?
Consider doing yoga and meditation to control your stress and reduce the sugar cravings. If not, you can always opt for natural sugars by eating fruits, pure honey and dried fruit.

  1. Lack of sleep, irritability and leg cramps
    Sleep disorders, irritability and leg cramps can result from a lack of minerals, including magnesium and potassium.

How to cure it?
To regulate your magnesium intake, remember to promote the consumption of walnuts, almonds, flax seeds and sunflower seeds. On the other hand, regularly consume green vegetables (spinach, chard, kale) for a regular intake of potassium.

  1. Salty cravings
    You may have strong salty cravings when you have a sodium deficiency. On the other hand, women may have salty cravings during their menstrual period or during pregnancy!

How to cure it?
Increase your intake of fish, seafood, and replace your usual salt with Pink Himalayan salt which has many health benefits.

  1. Dry skin
    Dry skin is a sign of deficiency of vitamins, essential fatty acids and lipids.

How to cure it?
Promote the consumption of vegetable oils, fatty fish, nuts and dried fruit.

  1. Bleeding gums
    Vitamin C deficiency can cause bleeding gums, remember that vitamin C is essential for healthy teeth.

How to cure it?
Promote the consumption of natural foods (fruits and vegetables) rich in vitamin C such as kiwi, strawberries and garlic, among others.


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