Why it’s Important to Urinate After Sex

Snuggling with the lover at the end of the intercourse can be just as enjoyable as the act itself. According to scientific research, this moment of complicity can even improve and strengthen the relationship between the two partners. However, for health reasons, doctors advise women to make another move just after sex: to urinate!

Going out of bed after lovemaking is not really romantic. Women, especially, greatly appreciate these moments of hugs and caresses following an intercourse, since they increase the attachment and allow relaxing. But if it helps strengthen the feelings, certainly it is not very good for the health! After sex, it is very important to take some precautions to avoid infection.

Indeed, during intercourse, many bacteria tend to accumulate in the urethra. They can go up to the bladder and eventually cause serious urinary tract infections. That’s why doctors recommend women to urinate after intercourse, an action that cleans the urethra and expels any bacteria that occur.

In addition, experts stress another point to demonstrate the importance of urination after sex. Unlike men, women do not ejaculate through the urethra, which means that the only way for them to eliminate the remaining substances and particles is urination. It is not mandatory to do so immediately, you have up to 45 minutes after the intercourse.

This simple gesture is necessary hygienic measure to prevent many infections. Besides, most women often have the urge to urinate after intercourse, and those usually do not have urinary problems, unlike those who do not feel the urge to urinate or who abstain in order not to spoil the moment. Urinating after the intercourse perhaps is not very romantic, but it will do you a lot of good and allow you to maintain a healthy sexual activity.

Furthermore, urination after lovemaking is not the only way to prevent urinary tract infections and sexually transmitted diseases, which can cause serious health problems. The use of condoms during intercourse is the best way for optimal protection.

Good personal hygiene also helps prevent infections. It is advisable to make a personal hygiene regularly with water, but without harsh products or excess cleaning that alter the vaginal flora.

Women affected by cystitis, or urinary tract infection, should especially have appropriate personal hygiene. They should clean their vaginal area with just warm water.

Source: healthylifetricks.com


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