10 things that should be remembered when you love someone who suffers from anxiety

Anxiety is characterized by feelings of stress, concern and fear. This psychological condition is pretty common, but when it is excessive, it is said that the person suffers from anxiety disorders.

This kind of disorder is not to be taken lightly as it can cause various pains, tremor, palpitations, nausea and other health problems. Here are 10 things that you should remember when you love someone who suffers from anxiety.

The causes of this kind of disorder are numerous, including:
• Personality
• Brain chemistry (chemical imbalance molecules)
• Genetic
• Trauma

10 things that should be remembered when you love someone who suffers from anxiety

If you know someone who suffers from anxiety, it is important to take into consideration his or her health and not to forget these things 10:

  1. They are nice people
    People who suffer from anxiety are like everyone else! Do not treat them as different people, they probably have the same interests as you. So do not hesitate to invite them to the movies, or doing activities together.
  2. The disease is not a limit
    Do not see the disease as a limit. Do not let your spouse or someone close sink into anxiety, and enjoy the small pleasures of life with him. Have a little tolerance and patience, and make them forget the disease.
  3. They sometimes need to be alone
    Everyone needs their own moments of solitude. This is obviously the case for anxious people, for whom everyday life is difficult to live because they are constantly faced with the fear that an incident could happen. For them, the world is full of danger and we must take every precaution. Therefore, from time to time, do not hesitate to give them some breathing room and not worry about anything.
  4. Prepare to be ignored
    This should not offend you, because people who suffer from anxiety are not necessarily interactive people. They just need a little time to deal with their stress and fears. Get ready to face times when you will just be ignored, be patient and remember that your efforts are investments in the long term.
  5. Change is difficult
    Change is hard, especially for people who suffer from anxiety. However, this should not prevent you to show your support and love for this person because he/she needs it even if he/she does not express it.
  6. Your presence is important
    Anxious people are well aware that their anxiety attacks are more or less irrational to others, they also do not expect much from you. They do not want to worry about when they are in full panic attack, this is the reason why they prefer to be alone from time to time. Nevertheless, your presence is crucial and important, even if they do not express it.
  7. They do not want to worry the others
    Anxious people don’t want to worry other peolple around them. So do not force things, just be present.
  8. Little things can overwhelm
    Some panic attacks can occur at any time without any reason. According to the psychologist Todd Farchione, clinician at the Center for Anxiety and Related Disorders at the University of Boston, “this kind of disorder is absolutely discouraging, because we are aware that what we are experiencing is irrational. But you learn to live and deal with this situation. “
  9. This is not a determent disease
    Do not categorize people as anxious. Their sensitivity and fragility are those with whom you can spend memorable moments. They just need a little more support than others.
  10. They recognize that their fear is irrational
    Anxious people are convinced that their concerns are founded, that everything is a threat or risk. They are well aware that this may sound irrational, but be patient. Therefore, instead of asking the person to be self-confident and calm down, offer to take the risk. However, do not force it;


Only time will bring change.

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