6 things you should stop doing immediately if you want to get rid of back pain

Back pain or backache is a condition that is increasingly common. In 2014, 10% of the world population was affected by this condition. If you want to relieve back pain, here are 6 things you must stop doing immediately.

6 things you should stop doing immediately if you want to get rid of back pain

Back pain, a global scourge

Back pain is manifested by more or less violent pain which can range from the lower neck to the pelvis. These are muscle spasms that can occur following a wrong movement, physical shock, heavy lifting or after standing still for too long in the wrong position.

Two studies, published in March 2014 in the Annals of Rheumatic Diseases (review of the British Medical Journal BMJ), showed that back pain was originally a third of invalidity caused by work. Back pain is the leading cause of disability.

Although there is no miracle cure to treat back pain, these tips will certainly help you relieve the pain or prolong the interval between the appearance of the pain.

1 – Do not wait for the pain to pass
It is imperative to consult a doctor or physical therapist if you have this type of pain for a week or two. It will prescribe a treatment that you should start as soon as possible. Do not wait: the pain does not disappear like magic.

2 – Stop self-caring
Putting a hot towel or an ice pack on the part of the back that hurts can relieve the pain, but that is just temporarily. Many experts say that these self-care methods are effective against e.g. sciatica. The physiotherapist is the only one able to advise you on exercises tailored to your specific condition.

3- Do more physical activity
It is sometimes difficult to start doing exercises, but they are essential to relieve lower back pain. Physical activity improves circulation in the joints and discs, making the muscles stronger and relieves back pain. Avoid staying too long sitting on your couch, this position will put your lower back in a bad position.

4- Stop heavy lifting
Heavy lifting may be the cause of lower back pain. If you need to lift heavy objects at your workplace, it would be better to have the necessary equipment and a person to help you. In general, it is recommended not to carry loads that exceed 20 pounds.

5 – No more repetitive bending
The repeated bending can generate strong pressure on the lumbar vertebrae. These movements, when they are often repeated, cause muscle pain. So try not to bend forward too much and do light exercises for the lower back to repair the damage caused by bending.

6 – Don’t sit hunched
Poor sitting posture is a major cause of lower back pain. When you are hunched you exert great pressure on the joints, discs and muscles, which causes pain. If you try to sit correctly (both in the office and at home) as much as possible by keeping an upright posture, you will manage to eliminate the pain in the lower back.

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