Things you Need to Know to Lose Weight!

Weight loss is sometimes a necessary step to improve the appearance of your body, but also to preserve your health. This article will give you some advices how to lose weight healthily.

Excess weight is unsightly and especially unhealthy. To have disproportionate rolls of fat and distributed in different parts of the body is not at all sexy and causes many health problems such as disorders of the cardiovascular system, the risk of diabetes and many other ailments.

How to lose weight?

Losing weight is not an easy task because some overweight people have the habit of overeating and it becomes difficult for them to achieve the feeling of fullness with less food. This overeating leads to overweight or obesity, and complicates the change in the eating habits and adopting a healthy diet.

If you want your food to be rich and balanced, try the simplest of methods: Replace processed, salty, rich in calories foods, bad fats and sugar by natural foods, healthy, fresh and low in calories such as fruits and vegetables.

Opt for fruits and vegetables, cook them and eat the required amount to fill you up. Some natural foods, even if consumed in large quantities, do not cause weight gain. This is the case of green vegetables, unlike processed foods that are high in calories.

Hydration is also essential for proper weight loss. So remember to drink enough (at least 6 cups of water per day), go for smoothies and fresh fruit juices without added sugar and consume regularly detox drinks or herbal teas such as ginger, lemon or cinnamon.

What do you need to avoid?

Stay away from junk food (fast food), fried foods, red meats rich in fat and sausages. Prefer wholemeal bread and generally avoid eating white flour products (bread, pasta, pastries, etc.).
Remember that dairy products rich in fat, sweets (candies, chocolates, biscuits …) and salty foods (chips, snacks …) are best to be avoided.

What you should be eating and what are good habits to adopt

Eat fruits, eat vegetables as salads or stewed, prefer wholemeal bread and cereals such as oats.

Opt for grilled fish, sardines, salmon and lean meats.

Change your habits in terms of cooking: Instead of frying your foods, opt for steaming, cooking in water, oven and wok.
Reduce the use of oil and fats for cooking your food, and go for olive oil and coconut oil.

Prefer stevia refined sugar to sweeten your desserts and drinks, and the Himalayan salt or sea salt to season your food.

Note that to lose weight quickly and healthily, you must exercise regularly, drink lots of water and have a good quality sleep.

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