Zika Virus: The Defects Come From a Monsanto Insecticide!??

The world is accustomed to massive deadly epidemics, dangerous and also to terrible diseases. Each year brings with it a new pandemic scares in the heart of many people. The H1N1 virus is an example, Ebola is another, and now we have what is called Zika virus. And there is no time, the World Health Organization (WHO) made the announcement, saying the virus is a global health emergency, without providing more details about the disease.

“This is not the Zika virus” – Doctors connect Monsanto pesticides to birth defects

Argentine and Brazilian doctors seem to rule out this Zika virus in causing severe cranial malformations in newborns in Brazil. And the cause: the use of an insecticide meant to protect Monsanto dengue is suspected.

Researchers suspect a Monsanto insecticide to be responsible for cases of microcephaly associated with Zika.

And if the blame is on Monsanto, rather than the virus? This is the assumption made by a group of Argentine researchers in a report published on February 3, which would tend to incriminate a pesticide produced by Monsanto.

“The detection of thousands of cases of birth defects in children whose mothers, pregnant, living in areas where the Brazilian government added pyriproxyfen to drinking water, is not subject to a coincidence, although the Ministry of Health calls into question the Zika virus in these damages “, comment the doctors in their report.

The defects appeared with insecticide

But what about the pyriproxyfen? This insecticide is intended to fight against the proliferation of the tiger mosquito, responsible for the spread of dengue, but also … the Zika virus. The use of this product is especially recommended by WHO to fight against the dengue epidemic. Only problem: it causes deformities in the insects that it kills or makes them sterile. Another element: it is specially manufactured by a “strategic partner” of Monsanto. Used for 18 months in Brazil, it is challenged by the research group.

According to them, the previous outbreaks of Zika had not caused hitherto birth defects in newborns, including in areas where 75% of the population were infected. “Out of 404 microcephaly cases in Brazil, only 17 were Zika virus positive,” the researchers report. The correlation between the use of this insecticide and microcephaly would be likely.

The inefficiency of the chemical control of mosquitoes

And researchers are not alone in defending this thesis. ABRASCO, a Brazilian scientific association on public health policy, points to the probable responsibility of the product in the appearance of microcephaly. According to a report also issued in early February, the association also condemned the other chemical control strategies for mosquito control. According to them, these controls are ineffective because they pollute the environment and the people without reducing the number of insects.

So is it only Zika virus responsible for microcephaly? We have to wait four to eight weeks to know the WHO findings. For now, only two cases show the virus in the brain of fetuses with microcephaly.

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