Why you Should Stop Keeping Your Cell Phone in These Common Places

Who doesn’t have a cell phone today? Like everyone else, Dr. Davis thought that this little electronic gadget does not constitute a serious health hazard.

Yet, after all she concluded that the radiation produced by the cell phone is not only dangerous, but could be fatal.

Why you should stop putting your cell phone in certain places:

According to Dr. Davis, the cell phone has the ability to emit radiation that can interfere with the body’s cell resonance and alter its DNA. To explain this, the doctor gave an example of a young woman with breast cancer, while she showed no risk factor.

When doctors Robert Nagourney and John West have tried to establish the cause of the disease, they discovered that the young woman had a habit of keeping her cell phone in her bra.

Doctors have therefore concluded that this habit was one of the main causes. Radiation from cell phone can damage healthy cells in the body and cause dangerous diseases. Specialists also recommend not keeping the cell phones in other places such as pockets of your pants or your jacket. In other words, we must avoid keeping the phones close to the body.

Furthermore, in a study published in 2009, scientists have revealed how cell phones could act on weakening the hips and pelvis. The scientists studied the cases of 150 men who kept their cell phones attached to the belt on average 15 hours a day. Experts have found that the bone mineral density was reduced on the side where the cell phone was attached.

This discovery proved that electromagnetic radiation produced by cell phones could reduce bone density and cause many health problems.

Besides bone density, the scientists also found that the electromagnetic radiation could affect the sperm quality in men by disrupting their mobility. Attaching the cell phone to the belt or near the reproductive organs is a very bad idea.

The link between cancer and cell phones

Dr. Siegal Sadetzki published a study in 2008 that established a link between the risk of suffering from cancer and the frequency of using cell phones:

  • 34% risk of suffering from cancer if you use the phone regularly for more than 5 five years.
  • 8% if you received more than 5.500 calls since you bought a cell phone.
  • 49% if you talked on a cell phone for more than 266 hours in your life.

The cell phone is classified as possibly carcinogenic by the WHO

About 6 billion people in the world use a cell phone, which is more than 87% of the population. However, the World Health Organization and the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified this now essential gadget as “possible carcinogen” because scientists do not always agree on the subject.

Children are more exposed

A recent study showed that children are most at risk of getting cancer, including brain tumors. Indeed, the bone density of a child’s skull is much less than that of an adult; it is therefore more exposed to the risk of developing brain tumors because the electromagnetic rays easily penetrate the skull.

Moreover, according to the Swedish professor Lennart Harden, people who start using a cell phone at an early age (early teens) are 4 or 5 times more likely to develop cancer cells in adulthood.

It is also recommended for pregnant women to avoid, as much as possible, the use of a cell phone. Indeed, the scientists found that it increased the risk of hyperactivity in children and emotional and behavior difficulties before reaching the age of 7 years. According to scientists, the risks are:
• 80% risk of suffering from behavioral disorders.
• 25% chance of suffering from emotional disorders.
• 35% risk of suffering from hyperactivity.

Tips to avoid exposure to such risks

Today, the telecommunication industry has more influence than the medical industry. Therefore, to avoid exposing your health to such dangers, Dr. Davis offers some tips that will help you limit your exposure to electromagnetic radiation of cell phones and other electronic devices:

Children should avoid using cell phones, or any other wireless device.

Reduce the use of cell phones: turn off your phone from time to time, use it only to get important calls. If you are pregnant, avoid it as much as you can.

Reduce the use of any wireless electronic device: in addition to the cell phones, there are also other devices such as laptops or routers, which should be used as little as possible.

When you lie down at night, turn off all the electronic devices in your home.

In short, use your cell phone as little as possible. And the “addicts”, at least avoid putting your cell phones too close to the body parts (pants pockets, jackets, belts …).

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