She Had Very Thin Hair But She Used This Ingredient and Got Thick Hair Within a Week

The hair is influenced by various internal and external factors that we face daily. Pollution, sun, cold, stress or extreme emotional states, smoking, etc. all influence the health of the hair. These are things that affect its structure, making it weak and brittle. To strengthen your hair and make it thicker, check out these powerful and effective natural remedies!

An adult has about 100.000 hairs, and it is normal to lose between 50 and 100 per day. A fall that exceeds this number becomes a problem and requires treatment. It becomes urgent to find the cause of the problem and fix it. Indeed, hair loss can be due to a vitamin or mineral deficiency, lack of hydration, hormonal disorders, stress, smoking, the effect of certain medications, etc.

So remember to focus on a healthy, balanced diet rich in nutrients necessary for your body to stay hydrated by drinking at least 6 cups of water per day, and consult your doctor about any health disorder.

Also, avoid smoking and sources of stress because they have adverse impact your whole body, not just the hair.

To help you stop hair loss and strengthen it, here are some powerful and effective remedies that use natural ingredients:

  • Coconut oil
    This natural oil rich in minerals such as iron and potassium, protein and fatty acids helps nourish and moisturize the hair thoroughly. Its antibacterial properties also eliminate the dirt and residues of chemical hair products that accumulate and promote its falling. Just worm it with your hands to liquefy it and massage your hair, starting from the roots to the ends. Leave on for an hour before washing your hair with a mild shampoo.

You can also use coconut milk or coconut flakes mixed with a little water to stop the hair fall. Apply it on your scalp, emphasizing the balding areas, and leave it overnight. The next morning, wash your hair as usual.

  • Red onion
    Its antibacterial, antiseptic and antioxidant properties allow to cleanse the scalp and treat various hair problems like dandruff, itching and hair loss. Rich in minerals, fats and fiber, red onion gives your hair all the nutrients it needs to grow well. In addition, it strengthens its structure and makes it thicker.

Simply grate a red onion to extract the juice and apply it on your scalp. Leave on for 15 minutes before washing the hair with a mild shampoo and let it dry in the open air. Apply this treatment 2 times a week.

People who suffer from irritation of the scalp may feel tingling sensation during the application of this remedy which is quite normal.

  • Garlic
    Rich in antioxidants, garlic helps fight free radicals responsible for the appearance of gray hair. Furthermore, its antibacterial properties and its high allicin content allow it to cleanse the scalp and cure many hair problems. Its wealth of sulfur compounds also helps to stimulate blood circulation in the scalp, thereby delivering oxygen and nutrients to the follicles. It also stimulates collagen production, which promotes hair growth and strengthens their structure.

Crush a few cloves of garlic and add a small amount of coconut oil. Lightly heat the mixture so that it liquefies, then cool before massaging your scalp. Leave for 1 hour before washing your hair. Reapply 2 times a week.

  • Egg
    Rich in protein and fatty acids, egg nourishes and deeply hydrates the hair, which help strengthen it and give it more brilliance and flexibility. It also has the ability to stimulate the production of natural keratin, a protein responsible for hair growth.
    Mix one egg white with a little olive or coconut oil to get the consistency of a paste that you’ll apply on your scalp. 20 minutes later, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and cool water.

A trick to get rid of the strong smell of onion or garlic

The smell of onion or garlic may be persistent, even after several washings. To reduce it, add a little lemon juice to the rinse water or a little baking soda to your shampoo. These two ingredients are known for their ability to neutralize odors.



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