She Wets Her Socks with This Liquid Before She Goes to Sleep! The Effects Are Amazing!

Good quality sleep is very important for the health. By sleeping, our body recharges its batteries so that we can have enough energy during the day. Besides, adults spend a third of their lives sleeping. However, many people suffer from sleep disorders and insomnia, which is reflected on their daily performance and their health. Discover how wearing sock helps you sleep better!

Insomnia, causes and effects

Insomnia or lack of sleep can be triggered by several factors such as stress, anxiety, depression, certain medications (anti-hypertensive treatments, painkillers, etc.).

If this lack of sleep persists, it can cause a lack of energy during the day and push the person to eat more to compensate for this weakening, thus promoting weight gain.

In addition, a chronic lack of sleep increases the risk of stroke and memory loss, reduced concentration and intellectual performance.

Tricks to fight against insomnia naturally

To help you get to sleep faster and sleep peacefully all night, it is essential to implement a daily routine that will allow your body to relax to prepare for sleep. For example you can take a warm bath or enjoy a relaxing cup of herbal tea like chamomile or verbena, dim the light in your bedroom, read a novel, listen to soft music, etc.

It is also important to avoid anything that might excite you, like excessive consumption of tea or coffee, practice of physical activity less than 3 hours before sleep or use of your smart phone.

Preserving the stability of your body’s temperature is also a determining factor for the quality of your sleep. Moreover, a recent study has shown that warm feet, promote vasodilation of blood vessels in the feet and therefore promote rapid onset of sleep. So remember to wear warm socks, but not too tight so as not to block the blood flow.

In addition to warming the feet, wearing socks at night also has other benefits. In fact, sleeping with socks would regulate and stabilize the temperature of your body, which helps to reduce and prevent hot flashes and night sweats that may wake you up at night.

For people who suffer from dehydrated skin on the feet and cracked heels, wearing socks in the evening will be a great help. Simply apply generous amount of moisturizing cream or oil on the feet and wrap them in socks made of 100% cotton to solve this problem and prevent its recurrence.

Another tip, whose effectiveness has been proven many times, is to dip cotton socks in apple cider vinegar and put them on before going to bed to reduce fever. Apple cider vinegar is indeed very effective in improving blood circulation, absorbing heat and strengthening the immune system.



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