Harvard Study Confirms Fluoride Reduces Children’s IQ and Causes 10.000 Cancer Deaths – VIDEO

The Harvard University meta-analysis published a study funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and concluded that children living in areas with fluoridated water have low IQ scores “significantly below” those living in low fluoride areas.

In a 32-page report that can be downloaded for free.

In truth is, fluoride is a toxic residue of nuclear fission incorporated into tap water with power to annihilate the paranormal powers of human beings. Bottoms up!

If the famous scientific link between fluoride exposure and reduced IQ is a conspiracy theory, so the Harvard researchers who confirmed this link should probably be coated with tar and feathers by the mass media. In a hard-hitting report on various studies demonstrating the ability of fluoride to significantly damage the brain, and IQ, Harvard University scientists said: “Our results confirm the possibility of adverse effects of fluoride exposure on neurodevelopment of children.”

In this study, it was published the most extraordinary thing. The authors published their finding online in the July 20th edition of a leading journal, Environmental Health Perspectives, a medical journal of the federal government, from the National Institute of Sciences of Environmental Health. This same government has repeatedly stated that water fluoridation is both perfectly safe and “efficient” to promote the health of the citizen consumes each day. [Note: The tap water is fluoridated in USA.]

In the past, the government was also demanded to the lower fluoride levels because previous research had also established a link between fluoride exposure and neurotoxicity. In the latest Harvard research, the degree of toxicity that the fluoride may have on the body is made more explicitly clear. In a written statement, the researchers say:

“Children in highly fluorinated areas had significantly lower IQ than those living in low-fluoride areas.”


Fluoride lowers the IQ and triggers tumor growth

This should not surprise those who have followed the research on fluoride in recent years. In 1977, for example, epidemiological studies conducted by Dr. Dean Burk, Chief of the Cytochemistry Department in the National Cancer Institute showed that exposure to fluoride promotes tumor growth – even at a concentration as low as 1 ppm. Beyond revealing the acceleration of 25% of the tumor growth rate, the research discovered that fluoride produces melanoma tumors, transforms normal cells into cancer cells and increases the carcinogenicity of other chemicals.

In 1977, according to his research, Dr. Burk had found that fluoridation was actually the cause of about 10.000 deaths.

So it’s no surprise that even the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – a body responsible for protecting people – had classified fluoride in substances “with obvious signs of toxicity for the development of the human beings.” Probably the EPA is led by conspiracy theorists crying like babies. Another record of the authors of the study explains the ability of fluoride to really attack the brain of the unborn and, essentially, to directly address their neurological development:

“Fluoride easily crosses the placenta. In the developing brain, much more vulnerable to damage from toxic substances than the mature brain, exposure to fluoride may eventually cause permanent damage.”

But will the government respond to this study? As mentioned earlier, many studies have shown the same correlation between fluoride intake and reduced IQ. Paul Connett, PhD and director of the Fluoride Action Network, was one of many activists to speak out about the latest study showing this association. At the time, there were 23 previous studies on the issue, and Connett said that this study, the 24th, is by far the strongest. And what has been done about it? Unfortunately, they have been swept under the carpet by traditional health agencies, who always claim that fluoride is perfectly safe. Some even recommend taking fluoride supplement pills.

Regarding the latest revealing study, Connett said: “In this study, we found a significant dose-response relation between fluoride levels in the serum and children’s IQ … This study is the 24th to have discovered this connection, but this study is the strongest of all.”

Will the latest study sponsored by Harvard also be ignored by the major public health organizations, or they initiate a serious change?

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