If You Blow Air on Your Thumb, Something Incredible Happens to Your Body

Our body is a wonderful system! Health problems can arise out of the blue, and in the same mysteriously disappear.

Today we will share with you the secrets of unusual body control, we hope they will be useful to you …

How to calm the nerves

To Stop Worrying

If before an important meeting or event you cannot cope with the nerves, try to strongly blow on your thumb. This trick immediately helps relieve tension.

This happens because of the breathing phases effect on the heart rate: inhalation causes inhibition of the vagus nerve and acceleration of the rhythm, and exhalation irritates the vagus nerve and causes slowing of the heart rate.

To stop a toothache

Take an ice cube and place it on the back of your hand. Then try to move it around in the area between the thumb and forefinger. This is where both manual and facial nerves are located. They will give an appropriate signal, and the severe dental pain will subside.

Sore throat

Rinsing the throat with baking soda dissolved in water or brine certainly helps, but is not always possible to carry out this procedure. Try pulling the ear or earlobe.

When the ear nerves are stimulated, the throat reflexively causes muscle spasm, so you can easily get rid of the bad sore.

Some other extraordinary tricks:

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