What Your Favorite Fruit Says About Your Personality

For a diet to be healthy and balanced, it must contain vegetables and fruits. These are very rich in water, vitamins and minerals, and are a veritable mine of benefits for the body. But did you know that your preference for a certain fruit reveals traits of your personality? So find out what fruit astrology says about you!

Fruit astrology what is it?

The fruits and zodiac signs or fruit astrology has made its appearance in Japan over 2,000 years ago. It is a theory about our clothing choices and our behavior with our surroundings, etc. can be determined according to our favorite fruit and the symbolism it carries.

You just have to identify the fruit you crave and find out what it says about you.

Fruit astrology

  • Watermelon

If you are a lover of watermelon, you’re an optimistic person, who never complains, and who prefers to avoid arguments. You give yourself fully in what you are trying to achieve. Your tendency spares no effort or energy, and you can manage the most difficult situations. You often try to help people find the right path, but your attempts are usually unsuccessful.

  • Pear

People who love eating pear are very energetic and enthusiastic, but also impatient and sometimes inconsistent. They love to see the results of their efforts almost immediately and are struggling to carry out a project. They are sharp-minded and love the intellectual stimulation. They easily forged new friendships but are unable to maintain them.

  • Plum

If you like plums, you are a sad person who takes things too seriously. You often complain and do not have many friends. However, you easily get to turn your sorrow into creativity. Try to relax and avoid taking things to heart.

  • Pineapple

If pineapple is your favorite fruit, you are a very organized person, confident and very loyal. You are appreciated by those around you and you have always the right word to say, whatever the situation. In relationships, you are faithful and sincere, but your difficulty expressing your feelings is a source of disappointment in your partner.

  • Grapes

Lovers of grapes are excellent leaders, who love the organization and teamwork. Discrete by nature, they are trustworthy and can keep a secret. However, their reserved character and rigor, sometimes exaggerated, are likely to impact their relationship with their surroundings.

  • Apricot

If the apricot is your favorite fruit, you are frank by nature, kind and ambitious. You are also passionate and you love to enjoy the pleasures of life. You have a strong will and do everything you can to achieve your goals. Your kindness might be interpreted as weakness, but your response to personal attacks is often quite violent. You are both a loyal friend and a formidable enemy.

  • Kiwi

Because of different painful situations through which you passed in your life, you have developed a negative view of life that prevents you from finding happiness. You have a pessimistic trend and you do not get to enjoy the good things that life offers you. It is time to stop being so negative and see the glass half full.

  • Apple

If you cannot resist the apple, you are an extrovert, outspoken and impulsive. You have a leader profile even if you miss a little organization. In dangerous situations, you have the ability to make the right decisions and implement them quickly. Your charisma and your joy of living seduce your partner.

  • Banana

If you have a particular preference for banana, you are a gentle, loving by nature and warm. You are kind to those around you but your shyness and your lack of confidence in yourself may provide an opportunity for some people to take advantage of you. In love, you have the ability to build a harmonious and sustainable relationship with your partner.

Source: simpleorganiclife.org

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