7 Body Parts You Should Never Touch With Your Hands

Certain body parts are irresistibly attracted by our hands! But this gesture that seems trivial can be harmful to your health because of germs and bacteria that could spread, generating infections … Focus on these seven parts of the body to avoid touching!

Some body parts are real homes of bacteria!

New scientific research shows that the hands contain thousands of germs and bacteria that can spread throughout the body when you put the fingers in different locations. According to a study from the University of Nebraska, the spread is faster if your nails exceed two millimeters (because they contain more germs and dirt).

In general, you should avoid scratching certain body parts, even when they are itching because germs can get in contact with the bloodstream and develop diseases. Researchers have identified certain areas of the body you should avoid touching in order not to spread germs and bacteria.

1. Interior of the nails

This body part is a veritable breeding ground for bacteria! Among these bacteria, we can find the famous staphylococcus (the cause of skin infections and other more serious diseases) and thousands of other germs that proliferate, waiting for the perfect time to spread to other areas of the body in order to do serious damage. To avoid this, try to keep the nails short and clean them with a soft bristle nail brush to minimize the possible risk of dirt and bacteria.
An infection can even cause a nail detachment (fungal infection).

2. Face

Once passed the adolescence acne pimples characteristics of this period gradually fade away. But if you tend to touch your face with the fingers, the buttons will take longer to disappear! Indeed, the fingers contain fatty substances that will clog the pores and prevent the skin to oxygenate properly. Also, if after touching objects you tend to put your hands on the face or to touch it, these germs can make their way through the mouth, nose, eyes and cause disease and infection.

3. Nose

This bad habit of sticking the finger in the nose can have serious health consequences! According to a scientific study, people who have this annoying habit are 51% more likely to develop Staphylococcus aureus, causing poisoning.

4. Anus

If itching, you should know that this part of the body is a breeding ground for bacteria and microbes that can be very harmful to the health.
But if you can’t prevent yourself from “scratch” this body part, wash your hands thoroughly immediately afterwards to prevent the spread of bacteria to other parts of the body.

5. Mouth

Since childhood, we particularly like putting any object in the mouth. According to British researchers, it seems that we put the fingers in and/or around the mouth about 23.6 times per hour! This “natural” gesture can be harmful. According to another study, one third of germs and bacteria present on the fingers will end up in your mouth, royal road to get inside your body and develop all kinds of diseases.

6. Eyes

It is not advisable to touch the eyes with your fingers, especially if your hands are not washed beforehand. Indeed, unlike the other parts of the body, the eyes are more susceptible to germs and less protected because the fingers can be a vector of diseases due to bacteria and germs they carry.
Therefore, avoid as much as possible that your hands come in contact with your eyes, and scratch if your fingers are dirty as this can cause conjunctivitis. For the hygiene of your eyes, use eye drops to clean in case of dirt.

7. Ears

You also need to remove your fingers from this part of your body because it contains germs and earwax. But also because the internal auditory canal is lined by a thin membrane that can be easily damaged by contact with an object or following too abrupt gesture. In case of injury or tearing of the membrane, the germs will enter the body via the bloodstream and cause infection.

It is difficult to avoid touching certain body parts, an automatism that we have from birth. Just remember that billions of bacteria are just waiting to make their way into your body! Did you know that an American study has identified nearly 1,400 categories of bacteria found in the belly button? A figure that could scare everybody! Therefore, the best protection for you is to wash your hands as often as possible, either before you touch some body parts or after coming into contact with them, to limit infections.

Source: naturalhealthcareforyou.com


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