Here`s What Happens When your Dog Lick your Face! The Truth Will Shock You!

Dogs are known to be the best friends of humans. Faithful and very cuddly, they quickly get a place in our hearts. But some habits and signs of affection from them can be dangerous to their masters, especially if they neglect hygiene and veterinary control of their pets.

After being absent all day, you missed your dog and he comes running when he hears your footsteps approaching in the hallway. To express his joy to see you, he licks your face. This affectionate gesture from your dog can be pretty dangerous.

Why must avoid letting dogs lick our face?

  • The eggs of intestinal worms

The mouth and especially the tongue of your dog is an environment for proliferation of pathogenic bacteria. In fact, dogs are known to cram their mouths everywhere, even in the trash, in feces and the behind of other animals, where there are remains of their feces and eggs of their intestinal worms.

By licking your hands or face, they transfer to you all the pathogens they themselves have accumulated, putting your life in danger.

Besides, there are many cases where dogs have contaminated their masters, as the American child who contracted tuberculosis from his dog. Fortunately, the child, under the age of 10, was able to fully recover from the disease, while the dog was euthanized.

  • Pathogenic bacteria in the saliva

In addition, dog saliva contains a bacterium called Porphyromonas gingivalis, which is responsible for periodontal disease in dogs. This infectious disease affects nearly 80% of pets and has a very detrimental effect on their health and that of their masters. When these bacteria enter the oral cavity of the animal, they attack the tissues of the gingiva and jaw bone and destroy them. Then, the waste from this destruction will be released into the bloodstream, potentially damaging the internal organs and cause heart and liver disease in animals.

When man comes into contact with the saliva of the dog, it is contaminated with bacteria that find refuge in the fibroblasts of the gums to protect the effect of antibiotics. And even a proper oral hygiene cannot get to eliminate them.

They trigger a mechanism that promotes the proliferation of other bacteria in the mouth and causes an imbalance of the immune system and a systemic inflammation of the body. Several studies have shown the correlation between this generalized inflammations caused by periodontal disease and increased risk of cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, and type 2 diabetes.

  • Resistant bacteria

Moreover, successive antibiotics-treatment of dogs contribute to the development of resistant bacteria which, when transmitted to humans, cause inflammation and the diseases that cannot be cured by the conventional antibiotics, which puts the life of the infected person in danger. Moreover, research by Professor Nigel French at Massey University (New Zealand) is underway; to better highlight the dangers of such a procedure.

Having a pet also has its share of benefits. It has also been scientifically proven that having a pet strengthens the immune system of the children and allows them to develop their defenses against various infections and allergies. However, it is crucial to pay close attention to personal hygiene, especially oral, and avoid as much as possible to let it lick your face or any other body part. Should this happen, it is very important to wash carefully to minimize the risk of contamination.



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