Peeing in the Shower is a Good Thing. Here is Why you Should Do It !

Urotherapy is a method for treatment of various diseases since ancient times

Modern man, however, pays no attention to such nonsense as urotherapy. Instead, most of us prefer to give a bunch of money for expensive but ineffective treatments.

Today we’ll talk about something that most of us do, but don’t see the benefits, nor dare to admit that they do it, namely – urinate during the shower.

It turned out that this otherwise pleasant but slightly shameful act has several benefits. First it saves water. During the shower the water washes away the urine and so no need to flush the toilet and use toilet paper.

Second, and more importantly – practical application of urotherapy. Urinating in standing position is beneficial for the bladder and if you have any skin problems such as fungus, redness, insect bites, injuries and eczema. Problematic skin may well be treated with urine during the bath, because then you will be assured that you will not smell bad.

This good side of urotherapy should be applied during the morning shower, as you can treat problem skin areas with urine and leave it to act while soaping the head.

Here are three benefits of urine, which can take advantage not only when you are in the shower:

– As an antiseptic during camping if you are injured or you are bitten by an insect.

– To treat burns that are not very fatal and require no medical intervention. Incredible as it may seem, your own urine is a real balm for sunburned skin.

– If you suffer from hair loss you can treat your hair with urine and for this purpose you have to use your own urine.

We hope that this little strange, but proven to be useful information was helpful. Do not forget to share it with your friends, they will be grateful!


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