Danger! Air Conditioning is One of the Causes of Legionnaires’ Disease… Infection occurs by inhalation of…

Using the air conditioner during the summer heat is unavoidable, but these household appliances can cause many health problems. Doctors recommend that air conditioning be used with caution and to follow certain rules.

According to medics, although air conditioners help people better survive the heat (primarily those suffering from cardiovascular diseases), their use is associated with the occurrence of other diseases.
The experts explain that this risk arises due to the high difference between the outside temperature and the room temperature cooled by air conditioning.

The air conditioners provoke acute pneumonia, sinusitis, tonsillitis and cystitis. Moreover, the difference in temperature leads to the emergence of cold sores. Other dangers of direct flow of cool air are negative processes associated with neurological disorders and severe muscle spasms causing restrictions in mobility and pain.

Especially dangerous are air conditioners in public buildings. Poorly designed or poorly maintained ventilation systems in large office buildings and malls can cause infection with Legionella pneumophila, causing the so-called Legionnaires disease, with mortality reaching up to 20%.

Infection occurs by inhalation of water vapor emitted by the air conditioners. Particularly susceptible to these harmful bacteria are the elderly. Experts remind that air conditioners require constant maintenance and cleaning of the air filters. In domestic systems it is important that a person is not continually under direct flow of cool air.

Doctors recommend that the room should not be cooled less than 65 degrees. It is best to turn on the air conditioner and exit out until the place has cooled. Then get in and turn off the air conditioner. When the room becomes warm again – repeat the procedure.

Source: lovelivehealth.com


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