Soak your Feet in Cold Water Every Night, What Happens Will Surprise You!

According to the famous Russian physiotherapist Sergey Bubnovsky, if you soak your feet in cold water you will have many health benefits. This simple tip could strengthen the immune system and prevent disease.

How to do it?

Fill a basin with cold water and soak your feet for 10 to 15 minutes. After this time, remove your feet from the water and dry them thoroughly. Put on a pair of warm socks before going to bed.

It is very important to use cool water, not warm or hot, for this method to work. Repeat this trick every night to make it more effective.

This remedy will help you strengthen the immune system and help you maintain your health by becoming more resistant to the viruses.

If you have cold or flu, do not hesitate to dip your feet in cold water, which will give a boost to your immune system to help your body heal faster. In this case, Dr. Sergey Bubnovsky, recommends foot baths with cold water every 4 hours for more efficiency.

Contrary to the common belief, contact with cold water in case of cold will not worsen your case, but speed up the healing.

Why is this method effective?

Assuming that the feet are connected to different organs of the body, according to traditional Chinese medicine, soaking them in cold water would be very beneficial to the health, because it activates blood circulation in the area.

This is also the case of foot massages which have become increasingly popular for their many health benefits. Among the most common techniques is the foot reflexology.

Foot reflexology, goldmine of health benefits

Reflexology is a form of alternative medicine that promotes the process of self-healing of the body by exerting slight pressure on certain reflex areas of the feet.

It is based on the principle that the foot consists of various points related to our body organs through several nerve endings.

Thus, massaging the whole foot or applying pressure on specific points would be able to reduce stress and tension, relieve pain in several parts of the body including joints, back or head, reduce sleep disturbances, enable circulation and harmonize the body’s energy.

The next time you suffer from headaches, try this technique of acupressure to relieve the pain, without resorting to drugs. 10-15 minute massage at night is sufficient to relieve the pain and relax.

Another tip to purify the body through the feet

Here is an old trick that will allow you to get rid of toxins in your body. For this you will need an onion, plastic film and a pair of socks.

Cut the onion into slices and place them on the soles of your feet and secure it by wrapping a plastic film on your feet. Wear warm socks, and leave them over night. The next day, remove the plastic film and the onions and wash your feet.

The active ingredients of onion and its antibacterial power will activate the blood circulation and absorb the toxins accumulated in the body.



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