Aluminum Foil Treatment for Back & Joint Pain – Secret Treatment of Russian & Chinese Healers

Did you know that tin foil is very effective against pain? Indeed, experts have proved it. Here’s why you should try this amazing aluminum foil treatment.

For people who suffer from heel, back, shoulders, or knees pain, they can try to wrap these body parts in aluminum foil and they will notice very good results. This old trick was used by professionals of Chinese and Russian folk medicine.

How the aluminum foil can help is against pain?

The foil is a very effective anti-inflammatory item that helps relieve pain associated with several diseases such as arthritis, rheumatism or sciatica.

To explain the efficacy of the trick, A.V.Skvorcov, a Russian scientist referred to traditional Chinese medicine, but also to bioenergy (stored energy from solar energy). He concluded that healers often used special products to store energy. For example, Chinese medicine pays attention to the specific channels called meridians that carry energy in different parts of the body while maintaining its balance. When the energy field is distorted or disturbed, it can affect the body’s cells, cause a malfunction of the body and cause pain. Therefore, the foil will promote a good flow of energy in the body and prevent pain.

How can tin foil help?

This trick is not hard to do, simply wrap the concerned area with aluminum foil. For example, wrap your feet with 5 or 7 layers of aluminum foil, place cotton between each layer, and keep the layers for 1 hour. Then remove everything and leave for two hours and repeat the trick three times. You should apply this remedy every night for 10 days. If you want to continue the treatment pause a week and then do it all over again. You will immediately notice results.

Other uses of aluminum foil

In addition, there are other uses of aluminum foil that can help you solve many worries of everyday life, here are a few:

Removes caked grease
To clean the stove from encrusted grease, pour a quart of water, dishwashing liquid and rub it with crumpled aluminum foil. The result will be immediate.

Gives shine to the silverware
Wrap your silverware in aluminum foil and place them in a large pan. Next, pour some water and add two tablespoons of salt. Soak the silverware in the mixture for 3 minutes, allow to dry and rub with a cotton cloth.

Eliminates static electricity
When you put your clothes in the dryer, they produce electrical charges. Therefore, replace your softeners by one or two aluminum foil balls. These will unload the machine of that static electricity.


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