10 Acupressure Points for Pain Relief, Bloating, Sciatica, Stress & Other Problems

Acupressure is a technique derived from traditional Chinese medicine which is based on stimulating certain pressure points to treat disease and bring a feeling of relaxation. These points are located in different parts of the body. Discover 10 of them and the benefits they provide.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure points are connected to the meridians, which are related to various body organs. Activating them by exerting pressure, helps regulate blood flow, releases the vital energy and relieves tension. In other words, acupressure helps restore the balance of vital energy Qi (Chi), which will allow it to flow easily through the meridians and thus ensure the proper functioning of the body organs.

Here are the different health problems that can eased thanks to these acupressure points:

If you suffer from headaches, apply pressure on the strap of the hand, the part between the thumb and forefinger. This will not only relieve your headaches but also the shoulder pain, toothache, neck pain, arthritis, hangovers and constipation.
Note that where the thumb and forefinger are brought together, that’s where the important point of the muscle is located. Massage and press this point on each hand for a few minutes.

Nausea and vomiting
Located between the two large tendons on the inside of the wrist, more exactly three fingers below the palm of your hand, massaging this point is effective in calming nausea and vomiting.
Use the index finger and middle finger to press this point for 2 minutes. Repeat as needed.
This may also help to relieve chest pain, digestive disorders and pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome.

Chronic fatigue and eyestrain
The third eye is the point that must be massaged to relieve fatigue and eyestrain as well as stress, pain from sinus congestion, insomnia, to calm the mind and improve memory.
This acupressure point is located between the eyebrows, on the bridge of your nose. Use a finger to gently massage this point for a maximum of one minute. Repeat this process several times a week.

Emotional disorders
To alleviate anxiety, restore calmness in your body, reduce depression and nervousness and boost your immune system, you must press the center of your breastbone. This acupressure point is located exactly four fingers of the base of the bone.
To perform a pressure on this point, you need to be in prayer position; palms together, fingers pointing to the sky and the knuckles of your thumbs pressing the breastbone. Hold for a few minutes, breathing deeply but slowly. Repeat daily.

Digestive problems
If you suffer from digestive problems such as bloating, constipation, vomiting, nausea, indigestion or diarrhea, consider acupressure.
Bend your knees and place your index finger on the base of the head. The acupressure point is located outside of the tibia. Press the point for a few seconds.

Arthritis and sciatica
Press the central point of the back of your knee to relieve sciatic and knee pain and reduce stiffness in the back, hips and knees.
You must press this point for a minute on each leg. Repeat daily or when needed.

Period pain
Relieve menstrual cramps, relax your uterus and reduce back pain and sciatica, by pressing the acupressure point located on the sacrum. More exactly, the base of the spinal column, directly above the tailbone.
To do this, you must lie on your back and place your hands at the base of your spine. One hand above the other, apply pressure on this point for a few minutes.

Stop smoking
This will help you stop smoking by treating the effects that accompany withdrawal such as insomnia, stress, anxiety and depression.
It is located in the upper part of the ear, over the apex of the triangular fossa of the ear. Press and massage this point with the thumb and index finger. Repeat this method every day if you need to.

Stress and insomnia
Located above the base of the skull, the bulging muscles of the neck, these pressure points help to reduce stress, headaches, insomnia, fatigue, neck pain and anxiety.
Perform pressure on these points for a few minutes each day for several weeks.

Improve concentration
To improve your memory and concentration, press the meeting point of the bones of the big toe and the second toe on the top of the foot. You must apply slight pressure on that point, for a few minutes before releasing. Repeat this 2-3 times a day for several weeks.
This method is also effective to soothe tired eyes, fight allergies and promote better focus.

Acupressure is a safe technique, but it is recommended that pregnant women consult a professional, because massaging certain points may trigger bladder contractions or induce labor.

Source: healthy-holistic-living.com


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