You Need to Flush Toxins from your Body if you See these Warning Signs

Toxins are everywhere around us. They may come from the food we eat, cleaning and cosmetic products we use every day and even the air we breathe. When they accumulate in the body, they can damage the tissues and cells and cause many diseases, which is why our body sends us signs to indicate that detoxification is necessary. Here are 8 symptoms that indicate you have accumulated toxins in your body.

When it comes to health, it all starts with the diet and lifestyle. Having an unhealthy diet high in processed foods, fat and sugar is one of the main causes for the accumulation of waste and toxins in the body. When combined with a lack of physical activity, the body is unable to effectively eliminate these harmful substances through sweat and improve the functions of its various organs. So many troubles set in and many symptoms appear.

8 symptoms that signal you have accumulated toxins in the body

1 – Fat accumulation in the abdomen
As mentioned above, a non-balanced diet is one of the main sources of toxin accumulation. Because of their aggressive effect, the body produces more fat as a protective barrier for its organs and tissues. Now, one of the functions of fat is to store excess toxins until the body has enough time and energy to remove them, which brings us into a vicious circle. Fat storage in different parts of the body, especially around the abdomen, resulting in excessive weight gain has a negative effect on the appearance and health of the sufferer.

2 – High body temperature
The liver is one of the most important organs of the body: it is responsible for processing and eliminating toxins and waste. When this organ is overworked due to excessive intake of toxins, it operates at a higher rate, producing more heat and causing increased body temperature.

3 – Insomnia

Too much toxins can cause liver fatigue which must operate at a high speed to eliminate them. This overload causes an increase in the secretion of ammonia. This affects the functioning of the brain and has an inhibiting effect on the production of melatonin, the sleep hormone, which causes insomnia.

4 – Headache
Because of lack of sleep caused by the presence of toxins in the body, the brain is not able to efficiently “clean” and eliminate waste that accumulates at its level. Thus, its operation is disturbed, which causes the appearance of headaches and migraines.

5 – Fatigue
Insomnia, headaches, and the amount of energy that the body has to spend to try to treat different disorders caused by the harmful effects of toxins – regulate and stabilize its temperature, for example – cause chronic weakness and fatigue.

6 – Bile problems
Another organ affected by the accumulation of toxins is the gallbladder. It normally serves as a reservoir for the bile produced by the liver. When the bile becomes too concentrated and thick, the gallbladder starts to clog causing the appearance of gallstones responsible for irritation and several other functional disorders.

7 – Sinus congestion
The air we breathe is polluted and has a high content of toxins. When these are inhaled, they irritate the sinuses and respiratory system, and cause overproduction of mucus that causes their obstruction.

8 – Skin problems
The toxins attack the skin and impair its quality and appearance. Their accumulation favors the appearance of imperfections such as pimples, wrinkles, blackheads, etc. and increases the risk of diseases such as eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, etc. In addition, the excess toxins cause oxidative stress in cells and accelerate aging which results in sagging skin and lack of elasticity, suppleness and tonicity.



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