A Quick Look in the Toilet Can Tell you if You’re Healthy!

Most people don’t pay attention to the stool. However, just a look at your stool can say a lot about your health. Here’s how to check your stool and detect symptoms of certain health problems!

Important and crucial, the stool is a natural way the body to eliminate wastes and toxins which it does not need. The texture, color and smell of the feces can reveal what happens inside the body.

Here’s what the different textures of the stools indicate (and how to fix it)

  1. Two small hard and separate masses, like nuts
    This type of stool indicates that your body needs more fiber and fluids. Remember to drink enough water and promote the consumption of fruits and vegetables.
  2. Sausage shape, smooth and soft stool
    This texture indicates your body is well, and you are in perfect health.
  3. Watery stools, without solids
    This is diarrhea, disorder caused by infection. Drink more fluids to replace lost water and to avoid dehydration.
  4. Sausage shape, lumpy stools
    This texture reports no “serious” health problem, you simply need to encourage fiber consumption.
  5. Flexible drops with clear cut edges
    These stools are considered normal, especially when you go to the toilet several times a day.
  6. Sausage shape, with cracks on the surface
    This texture of stool is pretty standard, but the cracks indicate that you should reduce the water consumption.
  7. Fluffy pieces with ragged edges, pasty stools
    This is a type of diarrhea stool. So remember to drink water and take some charcoal, dried blueberries and rice. These foods have anti-diarrheal properties!
  8. Flexible and sticks to the toilet bowl
    This texture indicates that your body does not absorb fat as it should be because of the presence of too much oil. Avoid overconsumption of fatty foods and opt for healthy, fresh foods such as salads, fruits and vegetables.

The meaning of the stool color!

  1. Brown
    It is the most normal and most common color! The brown color of stool is due to the bile produced by the liver.
  2. Green
    This can occur after eating a lot of greens. It may also mean that food passes through the large intestine quickly.
  3. Yellow
    This color indicates excess fat caused by absorption disorders such as celiac disease.
  4. Black
    Black stools indicate internal bleeding, a serious disease caused by an ulcer or cancer. This color can also be caused by consumption of vitamins with iron or bismuth subsalicylate. See a doctor.
  5. Clay-colored, white and clear
    This could mean a bile duct obstruction. It can be caused by medication, but it is best to consult a doctor.
  6. Red, with blood
    Blood in the stool can be a sign of hemorrhoids or sometimes serious illnesses like cancer. Consult your doctor immediately!

Other information
– The food you consume daily usually takes 1-3 days to arrive in your stool.
– The stool is consisted of bacteria, undigested food, dead cells and mucus.

How often should you go to the bathroom?
Most people go to the bathroom once or twice a day, but this is not a rule. There is no normal frequency according to doctors.

How to stay healthy?
Eat more fiber, drink plenty of water and practice sports regularly. Dietary fiber can be of a great help if you have problems. Second, proper hydration ensures that the colon is quite slippery for stools to move more easily.

When to consult a doctor?
If you notice symptoms that are not normal, ask your doctor. We must pay attention to the signs sent by our body to keep it fit.

Source: healthymagazine365.com

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