Every Morning She Puts SPERM on Her Face – Amazing Results (VIDEO)

Blogger Tracy Keys claims that every morning she smears her face with semen, and this treatment allegedly helps with skin diseases that cause redness called “rosacea”.

The mother of two and former model Tracey Keys says that the use of sperm as a cosmetic treatment helps her skin be soft and healthy looking.

“I know that the sperm has no chemicals, and it is natural and fresh,” explaines Tracy.

She adds that she is not involved in the production of sperm which she received from a friend every day.

Those who see the video and have a partner are advised to use him for this purpose.

She doesn’t mind the smell of sperm and believes if the donor consumes healthy food and follows a balanced diet, the sperm will have a fresh scent. No matter how bizarre it may sound, there may be truth in that sperm has positive effects on the skin.

It contains proteolytic enzymes that are designed to dissolve proteins. When regularly applied on the skin, these enzymes could help remove the dead layers of skin and make it smooth.

Semen also contains zinc, magnesium, calcium, potassium and fructose, which could also be good for the skin.

Watch the video:

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