Strong Healthy Teeth Until Old Age: Tibetan Monk Recipe for Healthy Enamel and White Teeth

Everyone wants to have white and healthy teeth, but not everyone can boast a beautiful smile.
Our teeth, like almost all organs and tissues in the human body are subjected to great stress. Bad food, lack of proper care, irregular visit to the dentist, carelessness – all this is cause for a not particularly pleasant and healthy smile.

On the other hand we’re bombarded every day by all sorts of advertisements for products that will not only make the teeth whiter, but will also strengthen the gums, or will make the breath fresh. This is all very nice, but as most of you know it is too good to be true. Manufacturers hide one simple fact – namely, toothpastes do not always work and often cause much greater damage because of the hazardous chemicals contained in them.

Today we present a very popular Tibetan recipe that will help you make your own healthy remedy for brushing the teeth.

Necessary products:
1 tablespoon natural sea salt, not too coarse and not too fine
½ cup water

Boil the water and let it cool. Add the salt and vigorously stir the mixture for about a minute. Remove the foam and take a few crystals of salt, put them on the brush and brush your teeth with them. You can also do it without a toothbrush and brush your teeth with your fingers, as the monks in Tibet do. You can also add a little olive oil in salt. The procedure with olive oil should only be done two or three times a week but not every day.

After brushing your teeth, rinse with the remaining salt water.
In the beginning you will not be very pleased and it is completely normal to feel some discomfort. However, over time you’ll get used to it and you will feel much better and your teeth will be much healthier.

This cleaning with salt eliminates all pathogenic microorganisms from the oral cavity and in a very short period of time strengthens the tooth enamel.

Be sure that this will make your smile perfect!


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