Beauty: 6 Amazing Benefits of Skin Icing

Peeling, scrubing, cleaning, all this different facial care techniques are numerous and vary depending on each skin type. However, all these solutions involve the use of products or methods that are not always healthy, and can attack the facial skin unlike natural alternatives that bring only benefits. Check out this easy technique to take care of your facial skin, using only one thing: ice.

The application of ice on the skin is a very popular technique in modern beauty rituals. Many beauty experts swear by this trick that is increasingly used in spas as it has many benefits.
Indeed, this technique can prevent wrinkles, fight against acne and refresh the face. And that’s not all; the application of ice also has other virtues.

Smoother skin
Ice cubes help tighten the pores widen from the impurities and excess sebum. Applying ice will help tone the facial skin and give it a smoother appearance.

Toned skin
Ice is considered a cheap tonic. Replace toners in your makeup routine with ice, to reduce enlarged pores and give a perfect finish to your foundation.

Better blood circulation
Application of ice to the skin may improve blood flow. The coldness acts on tightening the blood vessels, which has the effect of avoiding a significant blood flow to the skin surface. Ice cubes prove good allies in case of inflammation or swelling.

Less puffy eyes
This trick is one of the most known in the midst of beauty. If you wake up each morning with puffy eyes, try applying ice. The cold ice will help reduce swelling and swelling under the eyes.

Prevents wrinkles
The ice cubes are a natural trick to remove wrinkles and prevent them. The application of ice helps firm the skin, reduces the appearance of present wrinkles and prevents the occurrence of new ones. The skin will look younger!

Reduces blemishes
Used to relieve redness, irritation and swelling, ice cubes are also effective against pimples.
Once a button begins to show, apply an ice cube over it and hold it for several seconds. This will help slow the process of inflammation. You can repeat each night until you get the desired results.

How to use ice on the skin?

The skin on the face must be cleaned before putting ice on it. Then take a piece of gauze or other soft cloth and wrap the ice in it. Once the ice starts to melt and wet the cloth, apply it on your face.
Hold the ice cube on different areas of your face for 1-2 minutes. Then make circular motions, moving the ice cube gently. Be careful not to force too much the under-eye area, which is very sensitive. Finally, apply a moisturizer.
You should do this trick in the morning and in the evening for best results.

Advices for better use of ice

  • It is not always necessary to wrap the ice in a cloth before applying it on the face, but it is recommended to wear gloves so that the ice does not melt rapidly
  • Extreme cold can damage the blood capillaries under the skin of the face. It is therefore advisable not to use ice cubes right after you have taken them out of the freezer
  • If you have broken capillaries, avoid applying ice on your skin
  • Stop the treatment if you feel discomfort. Note that ice should not be applied more than 15 minutes on the skin
  • For best results, into the ice water you can add lemon, rose water, green tea, cucumber, chamomile tea or other ingredients known for their beneficial effects on the skin. Choose ingredients suitable for your skin type.



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