Hold your Laughter! With Semen you Can Slow the Aging Process. Scientists were surprised…

“Health and Beauty through fellatio!” Sounds like a slogan from a cheap adult movie, but the facts speak for themselves, and make researchers think hard…

Love is the true guarantee of health, it will help you stay young! And what about this thought a couple of scientists from the Austrian city of Hertz. Studies that are conducted in six different countries are staggering. Health properties of sperm – a topic that we cannot ignore.

How useful is the sperm

The magic word is spermidine! This substance is contained in large quantities in the male semen and has the ability to repair damaged cells inside the body. Thus, slowing down the aging process. Moreover, spermidine can even cure anxiety and depression!

The same substance may further assist in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease! Spermidine is also found in foods such as soy, grapefruit and wheat germ. However, in foods, its concentration is much less…

Many women are wondering whether swallowing the sperm is healthy, and these studies are bulletproof in favor of oral pleasure. Spermidine-based drugs will soon become common!

These are truly romantic news: love – is the best medicine!

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