ATTENTION! DANGER! The nail polish is to be blamed for diseases like infertility and breast cancer!

There is hardly any woman who doesn’t use nail polish. Recently, more women often use different products such as gel nail polish for their manicure and so on.

Most people perceive nail polish not only as something beautiful but also extremely hygienic. Undoubtedly, decorated and painted nails are much more representative. But many women do not realize that thus put their health at risk.

Just 120 minutes after the nails are polished, huge amount of toxic chemicals penetrate in the blood. A team of Duke University in North Carolina studied the urine of 24 women. Diphenyl phosphate was found. This toxin is metabolized from triphenyl phosphate (dangerous human toxin). It is so dangerous that only 12 hours after the nail polish has been applied on the nails, the serum levels of diphenyl phosphate is increased 7-fold!

Diphenyl phosphate causes infertility and breast cancer. It is also responsible for uterine cancer and prostate cancer in men, because now many of them also use nail polish. It also interferes with the thyroid, causes obesity and type 2 diabetes.

How does triphenyl phosphate penetrate the blood? Through the skin, through inhalation, and if you have a bad habit of biting the nails. Scientists from the Duke University studied 10 types of nail polish for the presence of triphenyl phosphate. 8 of those 10 contained triphenyl phosphate, and on two of them it was not mentioned in the label.

The most common types of nail polish contain three types of poisonous substances.

Formaldehyde – we all know that it is carcinogenic. It causes coughing, asthma and sore throats.

Dibutyl phthalate – used as a hardener. By inhaling, it enters the blood damaging the liver, thyroid and kidneys.

Toluene – causes skin irritation and is very dangerous for women who are pregnant and those who are breastfeeding, because from the blood it reaches the milk and so it might get into the baby.

No woman thinks much about the dangers when applying a nail polish. And there are many who apply nail polish on their young daughters or nieces.

Yes, some would say – is there anything that is not toxic or has been labeled as such … It is possible, but that nail polish causes severe damage to the health has been demonstrated. Use it but not so often, avoid gel nail polish and read the labels.



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