We Are Eating Poison! Here’s How to Recognize GMO Tomatoes in 2 Easy Steps!

You need to eat five fruits and vegetables a day. This recommendation is intended to be beneficial to the health. But there is a point at which we must be very careful: are these fruits and vegetables really “healthy” and natural, or were they “modified”? To help you make a difference, here is an example of the tomato.

To meet the continuously increasing demand, modern agriculture uses and abuses all possible techniques to increase the production, seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, etc. All means are used to protect the crops and increase their resistance to various insects and diseases. Besides, this is why it is advisable to choose vegetables and fruits from organic farming. Failing to thoroughly wash and peel those from conventional farming before eating to reduce the amount of pesticides that enter the body, will have a very detrimental effect on the health.

Genetic modification

Genetically modified food is a fairly aggressive technique used in the United States and Canada for years. It is to modify the genetic heritage by deleting, adding or replacing one or more genes of the food to make them more resistant to insects or disease.

For tomatoes, scientists use a frog gene to enable it to withstand the low temperatures that characterize the local climate. And this is not the only example, many other fruits and vegetables are genetically modified including corn, soybeans, beets, etc.

What are the dangers of consuming GMOs?

Unfortunately, there are not a lot of studies on the subject, because of their complexity, their high costs and the number of years they require. However, a study by the Research Committee of Independent Information on Genetic Engineering (CRIIGEN) has shown that the consumption of GMOs is the source of several malfunctions in the body. By taking two groups of rats, one has been fed with genetically modified maize and the other acted as a control group. After three months, the first group showed signs of liver, kidney, brain and heart toxicity.

How to recognize genetically modified tomatoes?

It is true that the production and marketing of GMOs is prohibited in several European countries such as France, Austria, Germany, Greece, Hungary and Luxembourg, but in the US, the Food and Drug Administration thought that the consumers don’t need to know if the food is genetically modified or not.

So if you wish to stay healthy, here are two tricks that will help you make a difference:

  • The bar code of genetically modified foods has 5 characters against only 4 for conventional fruits and vegetables (chemically treated).
  • The price tag of genetically modified foods begins with the number 8 while that of organic fruit and vegetables starts with the number 9.

Source: myhealthylifeteam.com


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