Apply This to Remove Dry And Dark Skin on your Neck, Elbows, Knees and Armpits!

Because all of us are often exposed to climatic stress and chemical substances from different products we use every day, our skin becomes dry, irritated and dull. Moreover, parts such as the neck, elbows, or armpits lose their natural color and get very unsightly darker color. To eliminate this dark stain, check out these both simple and effective natural remedies!

Among the main causes of dark coloration of the neck area, is poor personal hygiene, sun, age, diabetes, excessive weight loss or excessive weight gain. Regarding the elbows, their darkening is rather due to lack of moisture, and constant trauma they suffer because of their constant rubbing against the office tables and other workspaces. In terms of armpit skin, it becomes dark after waxing or shaving and repetitive use of deodorants and antiperspirants filled with aggressive and irritating chemicals.

To eliminate this embarrassing and unpleasant discoloration, here are two simple and effective natural remedies to help you regain the natural color and luster of your skin.

Remedies to clear the skin of the neck, elbows and armpits

Remedy 1


• 1 tablespoon of baking soda
• 1 tablespoon organic olive oil

Carefully mix the two ingredients until a smooth paste. Then apply the paste on the part of your body to be treated and massage gently. Then leave for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing with clean water and dry. Apply this remedy only once a week.

Caution: Due to the photo-sensitizing effect of the olive oil, it is advisable to apply this remedy in the evening.

Remedy 2

• 2 tablespoons of white clay
• 3 tablespoons skimmed milk
• 1 teaspoon lemon juice

In a bowl, mix thoroughly the clay and skimmed milk, then add the lemon juice and stir again. Apply the mixture on the area where you have applied the first remedy and which you’ve rinsed and dried well. Leave on for 15 minutes before rinsing with clear water. Dry the area and apply your regular moisturizer or oil. Apply this remedy twice a week.

Caution: The lemon has a photo-sensitizing effect, so it is recommended to avoid exposure to the sun after applying this remedy.

Benefits of the ingredients

  • Baking soda
    This white powder with multiple properties can deeply clean the skin and remove dead cells and impurities that prevent the skin from breathing. Used in scrubs, it also helps to soften the skin and remove calluses. In addition, its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and whitening properties protect the skin against external aggression, soothe irritation and naturally lighten the skin.
  • Olive oil
    Thanks to its high content of vitamins and minerals, olive oil helps nourish and moisturize the skin, thereby preserving its flexibility and elasticity. Additionally, its antioxidant action helps protect the skin against the harmful effects of free radicals that accelerate aging and favor the appearance of brown spots, blemishes and various skin problems.
  • Clay
    With antiseptic, healing, purifying and regenerating properties, clay cleans and feeds the skin, accelerates wound healing and regenerates skin cells. Thus, the skin becomes healthier, more nourished and with a smooth and bright complexion.
  • Skimmed milk
    Milk is rich in nutrients and lactic acid that can nourish, deeply hydrate and clear the skin. It therefore helps to eliminate brown age spots and dark coloring of different body parts.
  • Lemon juice
    Antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant and lightening properties of lemon make it very beneficial for the skin. It eliminates impurities, dead cells and excess sebum responsible for the appearance of imperfections and dulling of the complexion. It also helps to regenerate skin cells which help to preserve its flexibility and elasticity. In addition, the citric acid has a lightening effect that will help you get rid of the dark color on your neck, armpits and elbows.

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